Harry Styles fan fiction


1. Chapter one

I push myself up the front porch steps and open the front door. "Mum, I'm home!" I yell out as I shut the door behind me, take off my shoes and place my bag down. "Your back from school love?! How was your day?!" She cheeps rather happily. I sigh to myself "Alright I guess?" I walk upstairs and open my bedroom door to see my room. I sit down on my bed in complete exhaust gen. Today was our cross country day... I am not the best when it comes to any type of sport but i still try. Once I crossed the finish line I fell to the ground, along with my best friend who had been dragging me along since all I wanted to do after half way was stop! A few people had actually jumped into the lake near by the finish line.
I didn't think mum would be home tonight so i walked home. I guess I could of called her but I didn't think of that till now... 

"Georgia?! Can you come downstairs please?!" Mum yells from downstairs. I push myself up from my bed and walk downstairs. "Tea is on the table love" She smiles to me as I see her poor a glass of wine for herself. I sit down and begin to eat before heading up to bed.


My phone rings from my bedside table. I pick it up to see my alarm. I hop out of bed and step into the bathroom, I turn on the shower and quickly grab myself a towel from the cupboard by the door. I take off my pj's and slowly walk into the warm water. I let it poor down my spine as I take my hair out if its messy bun, I put my head under the water, washing out all the sleep in my eyes. I wash my hair and myself then step out. I wrap the towel around me and begin to try myself. I pat my long brown hair down with the towel just to stop the dripping and then wrap the towel around my body stepping back into my room to get dressed. I open my cupboard doors to see my uniform hanging neatly on the rack. I take it and put it on, I walk over to the mirror on my wall and do my hair. It isn't dry yet, so I just brushed it, I then put on some lite make up. i make my bed quickly and rush downstairs for some breakfast. I quickly eat my breakfast in silence since my mum is already at work. I check the time as I rush back upstairs grabbing my phone and homework. I close my bedroom door running back to the kitchen to get my lunch. I get my bag from the exact spot I left it yesterday and fill it up with my stuff. I put on my shoes and then finally leave. I lock the front door behind me and hop down the porch steps. I see my best friend Tori pull up right in front of the house. I quickly run to the car and open the door, throwing my bag in the back and smiling to Tori. "Mornin!" She smiles. I close the door and put on my seat belt. Within a few seconds we were off. 

I walk along side Tori to my locker. She was telling me about some guy she was talking to last night but i really wasn't paying attention, again. This happens every morning, we will walk to our lockers and she will be going on about something and then I will be pretending to listen but really lost in my own thoughts. Right now my thought was what 2 classes I have first. I stopped at my locker right beside Tori's. I open it to see I have Math and Music first up. I screw my nose up at the thought of doing another math lesson. We seem to have math everyday this week. I grab my books and shut my locker just to see Tori finishing her story. "...and yeah i am going to call him tonight!" She smiles. "That's great! Um the bell is about to go and I have Math up first so I gotta run! See you in Music!!!" I say running to the other side of the school to get to the class room. I walk in just as the bell goes. I take my seat and open up my text book just as Mr Ward walks in, "Morning class! This morning we are looking at algebra!!! I hope you all brought your calculators be-" that's my que to start drowsing off. I look up at the bored where he is pointing and start to do one of my many talents, I begin to look interested and busy where in reality I am daydreaming. 

It is now half an hour into the lesson when the door slams open. A guy who I have never seen here before comes in and takes a seat beside me. The teacher clears his throat. "And who might you be?" Mr Ward asks to the guy who just interrupted his class, "Oh hi, I am Styles, Harry Styles." It made me giggle to myself hearing him say his name like that, picturing him in one of those old movies with the guns and- "Whats so funny Georgia?!" Mr Ward marches up to my desk, "Um, oh nothing... I just thought of something funny when he... never mind" I say looking down at my book fiddling with my pen. "Detention." "What!?" I almost yell at him. "You to 'Styles'" He says walking back up to the bored. I have never EVER had a detention before... I have never been in trouble by a teacher before.... I am kind of a goody goody.... I see Harry smirk beside me. I look up to him trying to see what in this seems the last bit funny. The bell rings interrupting my thoughts, causing me to get up and grab my stuff heading out the door. Just as I make it outside I am greeted by Tori who seemed pretty happy, "Hey! Guess what?!" She looks at me excitedly, "what?" "I got 90% in my Math exam!!!!!" She jumps around I laugh and congratulate her. "I got a detention!" I say sarcastically. "Oh my god are you joking?! What did you do!? You never ever ever ever get detentions!!!" She laughs. "I just laughed at the way this guy came in extra late and said his name! And I got a detention!!!!!!!" I throw my arms up in the air. She laughs at my over reacting. Which i don't think is funny! But i shake it off and get to Music. 

I sit down beside Tori and wait for the teacher to arrive. She finally walks in with her piles of papers which I am praying, isn't for us. She puts everything down and places her hands on her hips, blowing some hair away from her eyes. "Today you will be glad to know we are doing a band prac! I want Stefan on the piano, Niall on guitar along with Conner, Chris on bass, Johnny on drums and Georgia, Tori and Cathy on the mic's. We are doing Part of Me by Katy Perry, the rest of you guys sitting down, If see something musical in the room just go ahead and join in with the song!" I get up from my seat and walk up to the three microphone stands. I take the one between Cathy and Tori. We are given the Lyrics and organize our parts as the band warms up. Within 5 minutes the music starts. My part comes up and I take a breath in ready to sing,

"I Just wanna throw my phone away
Find out who is really there for me
You ripped me off your love was cheap 
was always tearing at the seams
I fell deep you let me down
But that was then and this is now
Now look at me!"

We all join in on the chorus and before we all new it the song was over. We did that song a few more times before we changed over to let other people have a go. I check the time, only 10 more minutes left of this lesson till we have a break!



It is now period 5. The last lesson of the day. I have another 5 minutes before the bell goes and we are aloud out. I sit up in my seat a little packing up my books just as the teachers youtube clip finishes. The bell goes and I walk out heading straight to my locker. I grab my phone to see a text from mum saying she wont be home until late tonight. She shouldn't find out about my detention now. I put my books away and slam my locker shut walking up to the detention room. I walk in and take a seat near the window. The teacher comes in with a stressed look on his face. The loud room suddenly goes quiet when we all hear him yell "be quiet" at us. He looks around. "there will be no talking. I will be back in an hour to let you all out. Understood?" he says. I nod my head a little, feeling a bit scared by the teachers tone of voice. Just as the teacher was about to leave Harry steps in. I look over to him to see him chuckle a little bit at the sight of me. "Harry sit down. Remember no talking!" He says then walks out locking the door on all of us. 3 minutes pass before everyone begins to talk. I take out my phone and start playing Temple Run. Just as I die I hear a familiar voice talking to me. "Hey, I didn't know you ever got detentions" I look up to see Conner and Harry. "Oh um yeah..." I say. "What did you do? He says sitting on my desk harry now smirking again at me while leaning on Conner's shoulder. "I got in trouble for laughing at the way he said his name." I say pointing to Harry. "Haha Really?! Harry got you in trouble?!" He looks up to Harry who was looking at me. "Yeah I came in late and the teacher didn't know who I was so I said my name and she laughed." he said. "Why did you laugh? I mean it isn't even a funny name Harry Styles." Conner says. "He said 'I'm Styles, Harry Styles' and it sounded like one of those old cowboy movies you know with the guns and stuff, in a bar and they are going to shoot each other? I don't know.. haha" I laugh to myself making no seance as Conner shakes his head and Harry just laughs. 
Suddenly the door opens and everyone goes quiet. "Georgia and Harry? You have been ask to clean Mr Wards Car... wait no yeah his car!" A student comes in. We look at each other. Why the hell would he want us to clean his car?! We both hop up. As we walk out side we see the car sitting on the grass with two buckets and a hose. In the buckets was some sponges and soap. I squeeze some soap into the bucket as harry turns on the hose. I leave him to fill up the bucket as I take off my jacket. I throw it on the ground and take off my shoes and socks, I am not getting water in them. Just as I look up harry squirts me with the water. I scream in shock of the coldness of the water and chase after him. I grab the soaked sponge and throw it at him. It gets him just on the chest. I laugh as he comes over with the sponge and starts cleaning the car. I get the other sponge and start washing the windows while watching harry pull stupid faces through the window he was washing, causing me to laugh.
I wash of the soap with the hose on the newly cleaned back of the car, now for the front. Harry was starting on the lights as I walk up. "I don't think Mr Ward see's how this is not a punishment. I mean we are out here joking around having water fights and all while everyone else is locked up in that room!" I say as I start washing the front window. "Haha yup. Look at this!" Harry says. I walk over to him. he is pointing to something on the light. I bend down closer to it when once again he squirts me with the hose. This time in the face. "HARRY!!!!!" I turn around squinting as he continuously squirts the hose in my direction. I laugh as it tickles against my skin. "S-S-S-ST-T-T-O-STO-STO-STOPPP!!!!!!" Manage to laugh out. The hose then stops as I am still laughing. I fall back onto the car still laughing. I look up to see harry again I sit up, feeling drenched. He is still laughing at my reaction. We lean in laughing with each other until it stopped. He looks into my eyes. There is a tiny smirk on my face, He leans in, our faces only inches apart when he leans in completely kissing my lips. I feel him begin to smirk as I feel a sponge hit my cheek. I scream and laugh again running to the buckets. I grab one and as he runs I throw the water over his head as he stands still I lift the bucket off his head slowly laughing at him. 

"HARRY GEORGIA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! IS MY CAR WASHED?!" We turn around. "Yes" We say. He looks to his car and back at us. "You can go home." Harry smiles as I leave to grab my shoes and jacket. "I am going home!!!!" I say running out the school gates I carry my bag on my back and my jumpers in my arms. I am dripping wet, but I don't care. That was the best first detention EVER!    

Hi :) So this is my first fanfiction :D I hope you like it :P will update as soon as I can!!! 


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