1D+5SOS imagines

Just some imagines ((I don't do request)) I make these, just expressing some of my struggles


1. Libby and Niall

             Libby's POV

I sat by the door of the bathroom. I was shaking, scared and tired. I listened to them laugh and talk about me, I felt helpless. I got up grabbed the blade. I made a small cut,followed by many other.they got deeper and more painful,but I liked it. "Nobody likes her" "fat" "ugly" "go die" I repeated their words. I felt tears falling down my face as blood trickled down my wrists. I just laid on the floor,helpless,weak,and ready to die. Just then the door opened. It was Niall. His blonde hair,and blue eyes matched perfectly with his personality. He has been my best friend for like ever. "H-hello" I trembled over my words as he looked down. His eyes began to fill with tears. "What happened" he says,his voice shaking. "N-nothing,I'm fine okay" I said."what is wrong, please tell me!" He pouted. "Nothing" I say getting up. He frowns and stops me. "I won't tell, I promise" he said in a slight whisper. He pushed a piece of hair behind my ear and looked me in the eyes. "I-I" I stumbled over my words "I love you Niall,but I'm afraid you won't love me back!" I blurted out. He looked shocked but then he spoke  "I love you too". I smiled and blushed at his words. He kisses your cheek,and grins. He kisses you on the lips and it slowly turns into a long sweet kiss. THE END 


---------------------note------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I hope you liked it ^.^ I'm not really good at these but I tried :D 

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