Getting Married (Sequel to One Diretion Vampires)

Niall and Bridget are getting married so is Zayn and Charlotte but Zayn and Charlotte are having difficulties in their relationship because Zayn cheated on Charlotte. Read more to find out.


1. Louis Zayn!!

      Charlotte POV 

I'm sitting in the bathroom and I hear a knock.. *KNOCK* *KNOCK* and I kept on going. "WHAT DO YOU WANT ZAYN!" Loudly I say. "It's not Zayn it's me , Louis." He says in his squeaky voice. "Oh." I say in a sad tone "May I come in?" He says "Yes" I say opening the door and he comes in. "What happen with you and Zayn?" He says 

       Louis POV 

"What happened to you and Zayn?" I say and her eyes are puffy "Zayn and I got into a argument." She says "Why?" I say "H-he chea-" she said but I didn't let her finish I gave her a kiss but she didn't kiss back she tried to pull away but she is in a corner. But then I stopped. "LOUIS!!!" I she said 

     Charlottes POV 

"LOUIS!!!" I yelled and the door is open and I see Zayn standing there. I see his eye color turn red his fangs came out. He came up to Louis and started betting him.  Tried to take him off of Louis but he look at me with his death glare. So I didn't care I pushed Louis away and by accident Zayn nocked me out. "WHAT THE HELL ZAYN YOU JUST NOCKED HER OUT!" I hear Louis says but I hear it echo. "IF THIS WANT FOR YOU THIS WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED!" Zayn said but I hear everything echoing  "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO CHARLOTTE?!" Niall said furious. "ZAYN!" Louis says pissed off "GET AWAY FROM HER YOU JUST HURT HER! SHE LIKE A SISTER TO ME! YOU DON'T DESERVE HER!" Niall says yelling wow he called me his sis. 

      Niall's POV 

I pick Charlotte bridal style and take here to my room. "O MY GOSH WHAT HAPPENED TO HER!!" Bridget yelled "Zayn , babe get me a ice pack for her please." I say and she leaves to get it. 7minutes Charlotte woke up. "What happened?" She said scared "Zayn nocked you out and here put this on your eye." I say angrily just of saying Zayn. 

Hey I'm going to make chapter 2 a bit longer hope you like it FROM , CHARLOTTE 

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