My New Life As A Vamp (Sequel To My Vampire Love Life)

Winter Luna Rose moved to New York from Ireland. She has to leave her friends. And she had to leave the one person that she loved the most. She's now miles away from them. Three years had passed and she still remembers him. Then her friend Lily, moves next door to her and she says that 1D are going to have a concert and a 5 month break from all the excitement from their fans. Winter is happy, but will Niall remember her? Or will he break her heart and say that he doesn't know her? And will Winter accept the fact that she is now a bloodsucking creature?


1. Prologue!

"Winter...Winter...wake up." I groaned as I felt myself being shook. I opened them and looked up to see Jason shaking me. "Winter. Wake up. We're almost there." I looked out and saw lights of all kinds. "Woah." I heard Jason chuckle as I stared out the window with wide eyes. New York. I looked down and saw my necklace from Niall and hugged it. "You miss Niall already, right?" I nodded and felt a cold tear fall from my eyes. "Don't worry Winter. You'll get to see him again. I promise." I looked at Jason and nodded. "Okay." Then the car parked in front of a huge mansion surrounded by a bunch of trees and I walked out of the car. "" I ran inside while Jason and my parents unloaded our things and I saw a HUGE pool. "Wow! It's huge!" Jason chuckled with all my bags. "Yup! And when Niall comes with your friends someday, you guys could have a pool party. And no human could see us through a thick forest of trees." I frowned when I heard him say "someday". I looked into the water and held on my necklace. "Someday..."

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