Are You Scared Yet?

For the Halloween Competition.


1. Are You Scared Yet?

Never tell a scary story on Halloween night.


It started as a normal Halloween night. Charlotte and her friends were inside, considering it was storming, watching a scary movie. Friday the Thirteenth to be exact.

"One, two,

Freddie's coming for you.

Three, four,

Lock your doors..." the television sang.

"Charlotte! I hate this part! Can't we turn it off?" Eliza, the "weakest link", exclaimed. Charlotte hated watching scary movies with her. She always got scared within the first five minutes.

"Fine," Charlotte agreed. "I was getting bored anyway. What do you recommend we do? Oh! I got it! We can tell scary stories!" Charlotte was the bravest of the group. She was one of the people who wanted to celebrate Halloween all year. People like Eliza wouldn't let her though.

"Really Charlotte? Scary stories?" Sapphire, the most intellectual of the bunch, inquired. "You would think for someone who loves Halloween as much as you do could think of something better."

"Stories are just fine!" Eliza rushed, before her friend could recommend anything else. "I mean, it is Halloween. Shouldn't we at least tell some scary stories?"

"Yeah, alright," Sapphire finally agreed, though not happy with the outcome.


"And no one ever saw her again. The end," Charlotte finished off, though her story didn't have the dramatic effect she wanted. Normally, if it were just her and Sapphire, she would dim the lights and shine a flashlight on her face. It added to the effect. Of course, she couldn't do that because Eliza was there.

"Boring!" Sapphire yawned. "Well, if this is over, I would like to go to bed. Goodnight." She huffed and pulled the sleeping bag over her face.

"Well isn't she just a party..." Eliza stopped when the lights flickered and then went out all together, leaving the girls in the dark. Eliza started to whimper. "This is how your story started! Remember?!"

"It'll be fine Eliza. It's just a power outage. Because of the storm." Charlotte tried to convince Eliza, as well as herself. The storm wasn't bad enough to cause power outages. Just keep them in on Halloween night. Suddenly, lightning flashed in front of the window, illuminating a face. "What was that?!" Charlotte shrieked.

"What was what?!" Eliza whispered. She was shivering now.

Knock, knock, knock.

"Where is that coming from?" Charlotte whispered, not sure if the thing was inside or out. "I'm going to see if there are trick-or-treaters. Stay here Eliza."

"NO!" Eliza, now terrified, shouted. "Don't leave me here alone."

"Fine. Come with me." Charlotte said.

Walking quietly down the hallway, the girls finally made it to their destination.

"There's nothing there." Charlotte whispered, less frightened than before. It was probably just the wind. At least she thought it was. Until she heard the scream.

"SAPPHIRE!" The two girls yelled. They ran back down the hallway as fast as they could to save their friend. But, they didn't make it. Sapphire wasn't there. Charlotte turned around to comfort Eliza but, she wasn't there either.

Creak...moaned the floorboards. Charlotte whipped around to see "Are you scared yet?" written in blood on the walls. Charlotte made her way slowly back into the kitchen, trying to calm herself down. She was content in believing that maybe the girls were just playing a prank on her. Until she saw it. Sitting in the corner. It had a skull for a face, a black cloak making up its body, and a scythe held in a skeletal hand. It was Death. At least that's what Charlotte thought. She didn't know it had taken many forms before, including that of her friend Eliza.

"Are you scared yet?" Death asked, as it advanced towards her. Charlotte started backing up, heart pounding in her chest, not making it far before she hit the wall. The voice had turned into a chant, "areyouscaredyetareyouscaredyetareyouscaredyetareyou-". Charlotte closed her eyes, bracing herself for what she knew was about to come next.

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