The Goddess

The perfection is not just something she possess , it's all she owns, what she is made of and her nature.




                                                              THE GODDESS

                                                             CH.1 ~ THE LADY 

she walks around the room with silent footsteps that matches her heartbeats.

the queen of the day and the night . the Goddess of perfection.


Her maid walked towards her and bowed to her flaming greatness which is filling the room with warmth and a rhythm of peace. The maid looks up in wonder as she watched her queen drinking something in a crystal bowl with a golden spoon then she asked
“your majesty, may I ask what kind of soup of this? Would you like some more?”
“No Marbella , It’s just sweet water.”
“sweet water ?! but your highness isn’t that too humanal? “ wondered the maid.
“My dear , in order to give and understand the Humans , you have to experience what do their tongues
taste upon.”
the maid couldn’t say a word back, she is always so amazed, actually there was no one in the kingdom who was not . their queen Is the Goddess of perfection , how could anyone defeat that?

the maid rewind her thoughts and speaks about what she has been here for.

“My lady, I think your majesty needs to see your guest , he has been pretty injured.”

“oh don’t hurry , love! I will be there right when he blinks his eyes open.”


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