When everything is going really good... things get real.


1. Hey there


"Hey pretty"-Said a voice  behind me,I turned to see a beautiful guy grinning at me. 



I woke up this morning to the sound of my alarm clock, i turned it off, and immediately brushed my bed hair, pulled on some pants, my favorite pair of sneakers and a loose shirt. I grab my favorite cap too.

I walked out of my room and went into rhe kitchen.

"Morning mom"- I said.

"Morning Gaby"-She said obviously still sleepy.

Today was going to be a great day. I was going to a basketball game wich made me super happy. And i was probably going to meet Justin Bieber. And with that I've basically said it all.

I grab some cereal and pour in some milk. I make my way to the front of my house. I get outside and climb to the rooftop. Its really simple because i just have to pull myself up a little and im already there.

I like it up here. Its so fresh. I eat away my cereal in silence. When im finished i stretch myself and get off the roof. I go down the stairs and enter my house again. 
I go place the cereal bowl in the sink and make my way back to my room.

I grab my ipod and  dm my bestfriend, shes going to go to the game with me at night. I cant believe Miami heat is playint against chicago bulls. Theyre just my favorite teams. Omg I'm so excited.

My bestfriends name is ale. Shes 17, just as me.

Dm to ale: " r u going tonight?" 
Ale:"Sure thang"
Gaby:"Cant wait"
Ale:"Well look for boys"
Gaby:"or justin"
Ale:"lol obv"
Ale:"im on my way to your place"

And with that i pulled my headphones and went out to try and practice a little basket.

----- At night ------

We entered the miami stadium. We had driven 4 hours to get here. Ale went directly to our seats,we had bought tickets for the front row.

"Omg Do you see that guy over there"?- She said pointing to a tall blue eyed and brown haired cute boy.

"Hes cute"-I chuckled.

At the second quarter i was too nervous and had to get out for a while.
-"I think I'll go to the bathroom, I'll wash my face"

"Kay hurry up"-said ale.

I hurried off and started to find my way to the bathroom.
I went in and splashed my face with cold water. Then i took a paper towel and dried off.

I made my way back to ale... but...

Two boys were standing in front of her... i hurried my pace to get there as quick as possible.

"Whats wrong?"-I asked.

I turned my face to look at the boys, I couldn't bealieve it... They were there.

Ale was obviously excited about them too.

"They say these seats are theirs"-Ale said.

"No way in hell"-I said-"We bought these tickets"

"We did so too"-Said Justin bieber.

I covered my mouth because I couldnt believe it was really him. But his voice was so strong and sweet.

"What?"-He asked. Making me jump.

"Ummm... take the seats if you want to... doesnt matter anyway..."-I mumbled.

Ale jumped out of her seat with a "i will kill you" look on her face.

"NO"-She said out loud.

"Well go up there.. chill"-I said.

"Shut up.. i'm staying"-She spat.

I tried to pull her up by the arm.

"Hey its okay"-Fredo said.-"Why don't we all go up there?"- He said pointing behind the last row of people.

"OMGGG NOOOOO"-Ale said.

"Calm down girly"-Said a boy that had just arrived. He stood next to Justin freaking bieber.

"Whats wrong?"-He said.

"They are on our seats"-Said Justin.

"Theyre ours!"-I finally said.

"Hey its okay little lady"-Said Justin to me.

I blushed.

He saw me and winked.

"Hey what about we introduce ourselves?"-Said Fredo.

"Suree"-Said the boy.

Ale jus nodded.

"Well you obviously know who Justin and I are.."-Fredo said cockily.-"This guy right here is Zach"

Zach. gave a quick shake to my hand and gave a little smile.

Then he took Ale's hand and shook it a lot longer. Then HE blushed. Like so cute. He was red. He dropped his gaze and stepped back.

Ale was smiling like crazy.

"And you are?..."-Said Justin to me.

"Uhmm.. Gaby..."-I said.

"Well uhmmm Gaby it's a pleasure"-Said Fredo and Justin at the same time. They looked at each other and laughed at their own sense of humor.

"Lets go back there then"-Ale said and started pushing me.

"Omg"-She whispered.

"I. Fucking. Know."-I said to her.

Then she walked past me and lead the way up the stairs. She was cool. Like really cool. Always happy or making you happy.

"Meow"-I said shyly. I dont know.  It just came out.

I felt someone lean in from behind me. Felt his hand on my waist. He whispered


And leaned back.

It had been Justin.


We got to the seats and sat down.
I was between  Fredo And Ale. Then Justin changed seats with Fredo and his hand brushed mine "accidentaly".

"I think I see an old friend of mine"-Said Fredo waving to a guy. "See ya"- He told Justin and punched his arm before walking away.

Zach was deep in conversation with Ale.. and I felt Justin looking at me.

"So.. meow is it?"-Justin said.

"Ummm.."-Was all i could manage to get out.

He laughed and gave me a little push.

"C'mon, I'm a normal guy."-He said with a wink.

"Uh no"-I said.

"Yeah,kitty girl"- He said.

"Kitty girl is it?-I said smiling widely.

"What? Don't you like it? Would it sound better to you little lady?"-He said teasingly.

"I dont care"-I said a little too fast. I was so excited this was happening.

The game was about to be resumed again. So i said 
"Shhh" to Justin.

He just smiled.

"What?"-I said.

"Do you really like basketball?"-He asked.

I couldn't believe he thought i was there just because he would come.

"Yeah"-I said cooly.

"Sorry... Its just strange for a girl to like basketball. Like really like it"-He said and pushed my arm again.

I just smiled and whispered "shhh". He shut up.

Miami heat was winning. I was jumping up and down with excitement. Justin shot looks at me like saying "she sure is crazy" but i didn't care. It was too cool to be real.

The game ended.


Ale was super happy too. we were jumping and cheering. 
We started to make our way out.

Zach and Justin were talking.

They both nodded at eachoder and pulled us back by pulling us bu the hand. 

They said
"We want your numbers"

We looked at eachoder in shock.

We exchanged numbers and said goodbye.

Then zack called after us.

"Want us to take you to a restaurant?"

"Hell yeahhhhh!!"-Ale let out. She covered her mouth in shame. Zach laughed and took her hand. Blushing again.

Justin put his hand in my shoulders and guided me to his car. He opened the front door for me. I was enchanted. He closed the door.

Ale and Zach got in the back.

I turned on the radio as we drove off the parking lot.

Pretty brown eyes by Cody Simpson was playing.

--------Ale's POV----------

Gaby turned on the radio and Pretty Brown Eyes by Cody was on. I started singing.

Then Zach moved closer to me and started singing too.  I laughed because he made faces while he sang. He looked dang cute.

He blushed again. He leaned in and whispered in my ear.

"What are you laughing about pretty brown eyes?

That sent shivers down my spine. It was my turn to blush, And his to laugh.

I looked up at Justin. He was singing too.

I rested my head on Zachs shoulder and he rested his on top of my head.

Justin pulled up at a fancy restaurant I've never been to before.

He got out of the car to open gaby's door.
Zach got out and pulled me out by my hand.
He was fun. Not like Justin being such aa gentleman. He was my type of guy. Fun.

We entered the restaurant and the waitress guided us to a booth.

This place was cool.

She gave us some menus and i started looking for something to eat. I was starving.

I found pasta with shrimp in a white sauce. 
The waitress wrote down my order.

Zach ordered meatballs.

Gaby ordered just a shake.

Justin ordered pasta too.

I felt someone kick me from under the table. I looked at Zach. He grinned at me and kicked me again. I kicked back. 
We were just laughing ourselves off.

Gaby and Justin were talking softly. I could tell Gaby was nervous. She was acting so shy, not that she isnt shy, this was way too shy.

Then she got up and went directly to the bathroom.

"Whats up?"-I asked Justin.

"I dont know!"-He said. A look of worry crossed his face.

"I'll go check"-He said getting up.

"You cant go in there.."-I said.

"Says who?"-Said Justing smiling.

"Dude sit back down"-said Zach.

Justin turned on his heels and made a beeline to the bathroom. Gaby was just coming out. She was backwards closing the door. With her phone on her hand.

----------Justin's POV

This is sick! I thought. I am at aa restaurant with the cutest and pretties girl (plus belieber) I've ever met.

She closed the bathroom door and I somehow managed to say.

"Hey pretty"

"Hiiii"-Gaby said hapily-"Lets go to our table shall we?"

We got back to the booth. I pushed her back teasingly. She turned. Smiled. Then turned and sat.

----------------- Zachs POV

Wow wow wow. Why do I keep blushing? I mean yeah, this girl is sick, she's sooo damn cool and nice. But WHY DO I KEEP BLUSHING?  I dont like it. But she seems to love it so I guess I dont mind that much anymore.

I continue to kick her under the table. Softly tho.

Then i decide to tangle my legs with hers. I succeed. She looks at me and then looks down. Aw.

I'm the happiest dude right now.

----------- Gabys POV.

Okay our food just arrived. I'm tooooo shy. This hadn't ever happened to me. Im so lucky. Its just surreal.

My strawberry milkshake looks delicious and i instantly start sipping on it.

Justin is eating his pasta..... well struggling to eat it. Theres salsa all over his mouth. Hes sooo damn cute.

I feel his foot tap mine. I look at him. Damn.

"Can I try your shake?"-He asks.

"Meow nooo"

"Cmon lemme"-He say.,

I stand up and get away with my shake. Lets see if he comes.

He stands up and I turn around so he wont take it.

He wraps his arms around me and i blush.

He whispers

"Give. It. To. Me" and then giggles.

I finally give him some.. and then he runs away with it.

"Justiiinnnnnnnnnnnn"-I say.

"Dont call me like that!"-He calls back.

"Then what do I call you?"-I ask.

"You tell me"-He says. Then winks.

I go back to the booth were ale and Zach are chatting.

Ale looks happy. So does he.

Ill describe her for you. Shes 5.3, brown hair with some natural highlights, deep brown eyes, and she's got the latino....

Well you guess.   Shes pretty.

And Zach and her look just beautiful together. 


Like me and Justin.

"Hey are you all finished?"-The waitress that had just arrived asks.

"Yes ma'am, can you bring us the bill please?"

"Sure"she says.

Justin pays the bill and we make our way to the car. He opens the door for me again. I can see Zach opening the door for Ale but then pushing her inside.

Justin takes us back to the parking lot where we left Ale 's car.

We say bye and Justin kisses my cheek.

Im in heaven.

Ale starts driving us back to Orlando.
She gets a text from Justin saying "tell her I'll see her tomorrow".

I smile and we play music and sing along to it. We are hyped.


We get back to my house where we're having a sleepover. Damn i cant sleep.

We turn on the tv and insert Mean Girls into the blu- ray's slut.

We watch it and then I see Ale's fell asleep.

I turn off the Tv and then I'm fast asleep.


I wake up next morning and dress up.

I put on some shorts, a pink crop tee and a pair of vans.
I put on my vans  cap too.

I make my way to the kitchen and say hi to my mom and dad.

Ale made waffles. Shes wearing a pair of high waisted shorts, her black combat boots and a star wars baseball tee.

I get some waffles and take her hand as we make our way to my roof.

"Omg was yesterday real?"-She says

"Obviously"- I say jumping up and down.

Then she gets a text and smiles to her screen. Then rreplies and quickly puts it back in her pocket. I prefer not to ask. Yet.

Then my heart drops.
Where's my phone?

"Ale where's my phone?"-I ask

"What? I don't know" "I'll tell the biebs"

"Please sis"-I say.

She talks to him and then hangs up.

"He says he'll be here in 10. With Zach"-She says grinning.

Ugh i just have to wait.


We hear the doorbell and i run to answer. We sneak out without saying goodbye

We get in the car and start making our way back to miami.

We are just waiting for the light to turn green when somebody familiar taps the window. 

Justin rolls down the window.

"Omg justin bieber!"-Screams the girl from outside the car.

"Hey lulu!"-Ale calls from the back.

"Hi"-Gaby says from the co-pilot seat.

"You guys know her?"-says justin.

"Yeahhhhhhhh"-Ale hollers from the back. Making Zach laugh.

"Want to come then?"-Justin asks lulu. Our old friend from school.

She screams and then gets into the car next to ale.

"Hii! Im Zach"-I hear Zach saying enthusiastically.

"Um.. lulu"-She mutters.


We get to the restaurant. I go to the kitchen while Justin looks for the waitress. Ale and Zach just stay oustide.

The cook just told me my phone was in a little basket by the kitchen door.

I go get it and put it in my pocket.

I see Lulu talking to Justin. Hes facing the kitchen and he sees me and waves.  I go meet them.

---- Justins POV

"Hey Jb!"-I turn to face "Lulu".

"Can i get a pic?"

"Uhm not now..."-I say.

"So do you like basketball? Cause I do too"- She says.

"Uh but do you reall? Like really?"-I ask.

"Duh"-She says.

I see Gaby grabbing her phone and leaning against the kitchen door. I wave for her. So she'll come and make the awkwardness go away.

"Meow"-She says. Ow she's sooo cute. I really like her.
Like she's got her own swag.

We go out where we find Ale and Zach running around. Turns out Zach is chasing Ale but he can't catch her.

I turn to Gaby and tickle her. She starts giggling to I tickle her more. We are all playind around.. even lulu.

Then Lulu gets a call and picks up.

10 minutes later there are papz all over the place. I get gaby in the car as quick as possible. I dont want the papz to start making rumors that can hurt her.

We drive off and make our way to orlando.

I cant go back to the house i rented so I pull into a holiday inn hotel.

The first one i found.

We get out and I go check in.

Lulu calls her parents so they pick her up.

I volunteer to take her home.

Zach say's he'll go with me.

We get in the car and hurry to drop Lulu off.

I pull into a big beautiful house.

I get out and open the door for her. Zach stays in the car.

Next thing I know this b. Is all over the place kissing me.

I hear zach tap the window and try to get off lulu. She's stronger than I'd thought.

Then a light flashed. And another one. Then another.


Zach got out of the car and broke the kiss. Rape kiss actually. He said "never do that to the biebs again"

We got in the car and i started going to the hotel.

"You gotta tell your girl"-Zach said.



We entered the hotel room and we could hear Gaby and Ale playing music and when we got to their room they were dancing!

Zach started making his way to Ale dancing.

Then he made his first move

Plane by Jason Mraz was playing. Slow music.

"Will you dance with me?"-He said taking her hand.

"Of course"-She said smiling.

He put his hands on her hip and slowly danced with her.

It was cute.

I made my way to Gaby and held her from behind.

I whispered in her ear "Lets dance babe"

She said "Okay baby"

Shed just called me baby. I blushed.

And I kissed her cheek again.

And we danced

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