Louis secret sister

Meet Bella Tomlinson well she's known as Bella stone because she was supposed to be a secret from the media she was the little mistake in the Tomlinson family and was kept with her mother who was not much of a good influence Louis and Bella have a good brother-sister relationship even though they weren't supposed to keep in touch and now Louis had offered her to live with him and the rest of the one direction clan so she can have a better life that's until she finds out her mothers mistakes and her past connection with one of the band member can change her future to points that he never would have imagined.

A Liam Payne fan fiction


1. Chapter 1

"mum i can't believe you how could you do that to me I'm your daughter"I yelled furiously to my mum

well before I tell you anything let me introduce myself my name is Bella, Bella Tomlinson well I'm not allowed to tell people that so shh! My legal name is Bella Tomlinson but publicly I'm known as Bella stone. I am to be known by my mothers last name because my father sees me as one of his biggest mistakes. You see my half brother is Louis Tomlinson and I love him.He means a lot to me but we were forced apart this is because I was his dads little mistake I'm 18 and years ago our dad and Louis mum got into a fight and be cheated with my crazy junkie mum but my birth dad isn't a monster he told his wife that he cheated right away and she was heartbroken and almost divorced him and when my mum told him she was pregnant he was devastated I only met my dad three times once when I was 5 once when I was 9 and again when I was 15 those were also the times I saw Louis he was the best brother I could ask for even though he wasn't allowed to keep in contact with me he did anyways he used to call me everyday but I had to stop it for mine and Louis sakes. I knew if our dad found out he would make sure me and Louis lost contact for good. So I now call him twice a month, he knows that it's difficult for the both of us but he said even though our father did his best to forget about me he wouldn't. He stuck to that and I couldn't be more grateful for it. I was kept as a secret to the media and the entire world I considered myself Louis secret sister because that's what I am. The reason I wasn't accepted into the Tomlinson family is because I'm a replica of my mum well a younger version. I have long blonde hair and bright blue eyes similar to Louis I guess you could say I have the average looks of a "hot blonde" but trust me I have flaws and I'm about to tell you them I'm involved with things I don't want to be involved with my mum forced me into them and I can honestly say it made my life a life I never want to live I'm involved with sex, drugs and gangs all thanks to my mum, Louis doesn't know any if this and I want to keep it that way I don't need him to feel bad for me or feel as though he wasn't there,I want to keep it bottled up in my head until I die. I can live without him knowing this little piece of my life. If I had a choice in this I wouldn't have dropped out of secondary school in year 10 to work at McDonalds so I can buy any possible drug available I don't even buy them my mum takes my limited amount of money and wastes it on illegal substances. But I cant put all the blame on her. I would also have to blame her boyfriend Derek. He has her under a spell. He is a drug dealer the best known in this small town. That's how he pays the bills for the apartment and the money I make is to buy drugs that he doesn't supply. He makes me help around in the so called "family business" ha ! we're not even a proper family well this family business involves me risking my life everyday to deliver drugs and get money for Derek. Thankfully I'm not stupid like my mother and I'm smart enough to put a bit of each pay into a secret bank account which will for sure help m when I leave, and that is going to be sooner than you think. Louis and I were on the phone the other day and he had invited me to stay with him he said he doesn't care anymore of what his dad will think I took that into great thought and accepted the offer I was going to move in tonight but now hiding my identity will have to be a priority because my mum couldn't be any more stupid.

"honey it was an accident" she said as she reached her bony arm and softy brushed my arm

"how is that an accident? how do you steal from a gang and tell them MY name and say it was ME who stole from them!" I yelled pushing her arm off min

"they would have killed me" She said trying to make me feel bad

"well thanks to you they are going to kill ME! How dare you do something like that? I told you to stay away from gangs because I knew something like this would happen!"

"I'm so sorry sweetie" She said pouting

"Your sorry" I said acting like I will forgive her and she nodded

"Your sorry my ass. I'm tired of your bullshit. I cant live like this anymore! you ruined me, my life, my everything" I yelled as I stormed to my room and threw my clothes into a duffle bag. she was leaning on the doorframe

"What are you doing" she asked

"I'm leaving" I said throwing only 2 pictures that bring back somewhat good memories into my bag. I also threw my own little supply of weed into my bag. I know that's not such a good idea but living with them I couldn't help but use it. It helped me relax and as much as I hated it, it helped me from time to time

"There’s no need for that" she said as though this situation was nothing

I walked into the washroom and changed out of my McDonalds uniform and into a pair of grey sweats a light blue tight tank top and slipped on my pair of old P.E trainers and headed back into my room where my mum was waiting for a response

"Like you know what I need and don't need” I spat picking up my bag and slinging it over my shoulder and walking past her out my bedroom door and towards the exit of the apartment. Leaving to live with Louis was supposed to be easy I wasn't supposed to go and live with him brining a whole bunch of baggage with me. I opened the door and was about to leave when she gripped my arm

"You’ll come back, I know you will" she said a tone of evil in her voice I looked down at her lifeless bony body that was ruined by drugs and lack of healthy surroundings.

"Goodbye mum" I said looking into her eyes

"May, come here if you want a hit" Derek yelled to my mum

"Coming dear" she said as she turned around and walked to him without saying goodbye

I couldn't help but feel a little hurt, I know my mum doesn't care much for me but I always thought that she would care enough to say goodbye. It hurt even more because she would rather sniff some cocaine instead of saying bye to me, her only daughter, I was never the person to easily cry or get hurt, but I felt myself tear up but I forced it to stop. She wasn't worth my tears I slammed the front door shut and waited outside the apartment building for my taxi to arrive I was early so it should be here in about five minutes.

Finally, I was out of that hell hole. I feel as though a tiny weight has been lifted off my shoulders it could have been a larger weight if my mum hadn't faked her ID while talking to a gang member now there's a possibility that a gang is going to come after me all because my mother is a nut job.

After waiting a few minutes it finally pulled up. I threw my duffle bag into the trunk and hopped into the cab and handed him the address. I decided to sleep the long drive ahead. I was going to finally live with my brother in London far away from all of this.

"We’re here" The taxi driver said as he pulled up to a fancy apartment building. I couldn't help but smile this was it in there was my brother who I haven't seen in 4 years is. I threw the taxi driver a wad of cash and grabbed my bag and quickly ran into the building I clicked in the elevator level 12 and patiently waited for it to reach their level 9...level10...level11...level12! Now there's a smile that was glued to my face.

A sudden burst of excitement ran through my veins as I walked up to his door. I let out a long breath before I knocked

Here we go

I knocked on the door and I felt a bit nervous. I fixed my hair and fiddled with my shirt until I heard the door unlock and open

"Louis" I yelled as I dropped my bag onto the floor and hugged him

"Bella!" He responded as his arms wrapped around me holding me tight it almost felt like he was never going to let go and I cherished that feeling

"I missed you so much" I choked out and my voice was low

"I missed you too" He said as he held me even tighter and I did the same. I wasn't going to lie the boy had good welcoming hugs.

He finally let me go but kept a hold of my hands he spun me around

"My god Isabella you look like a model, I better keep my eyes out for the boys who will try to get with you" He said smirking

"Your only three years older than me Louis and-"Louis cut me off

"Exactly that makes you my three years younger sister" Louis pointed out

"And I think I can deal with the boys myself" He was about to respond when we were interrupted by a coughing sound I then felt a pair of eyes on me wait no-I felt several eyes on me.


"Oh uhm I didn't know you had guests over" I said looking at the four boys sitting on the couch smiling at the moment me and Louis just had.

"Right, I forgot to mention these are my band mates and we live together" He said

"Oh right I almost forgot, your band the infections right?" I said and I heard the boys start to laugh and Louis was trying to hold it in

"No we're one direction" He corrected now fully laughing

"oh god, I'm so sorry, I got so caught up in stuff happening at home I forgot to...remember your band name" I said now covering my face with my hands to cover the embarrassment painted on my face

"It’s alright Bella" he said laughing

"Let me introduce you to the boys" they all stood up

"Boys this is my sister Isabella" He said proudly

"Nice to meet you I'm Zayn" The tall rugged looking guy of the group said to me reaching his hand out to me to shake I shook it and smiled

"Harry" The boy with loose curly hair said winking at me as he shook my hand I noticed Louis glare at him and I laughed "nice to meet you"

"I'm the amazing Niall Horan" said Niall I shook his hand and said "nice to meet you too"

"and lastly I'm Liam" Said the tall and most buff guy of the group said as I shook his hand and smiled, I studied his face for a brief second and I swear I could recognise it. I quickly shot the thought out of my head and turned back to Louis.

“I’ll show you to your room” He said as he led me down the hall and into a plain and simple room with off white walls and a white queen sized bed

“I’ll let you relax for a bit and come out whenever” He winked at me and left the room I know I was going to love it here

Louis p.o.v

I gently shut her door and walked back into the room where the boys were at. I had to talk to them and set some rules last time I saw Bella she was younger and she was always pretty, but now she just blossomed into a beautiful young woman and knowing the boys they're going to think things that I want to make sure they dint dare to do. I missed her so much and I wasn't going to let any of them hurt her. I sat on the couch and all the boys stopped talking and looked at me

"are you sure that's your sister" harry said


"well you're sister is.....something else"

"she doesn't really look like you" Niall said

"she got a lot more features from her mum than my dad" I explained to the boys already about the situation and they promised not to tell the media or anyone for that matter

"ah, well she seems lovely"

"I have a few rules to set" I said jumping straight to it thy all nodded and I knew that they saw this coming

"As you can see, that's my sister and we can all agree that she's beautiful" they nodded

"no one can date her, touch her, think of her in dirty thoughts or eve breath the same air as her. most of all hurt her in anyway or I will murder you with my bare hands" I warned "Also no drooling you guys looked like animals when she walked through the door" I said making them laugh

"well its not like we were expecting to see that" Zayn said smiling

"remember she's off limits to you all and harry that especially goes for you and don't think I didn't see you looking at her ass" I said giving him a death glare he raised his hands in surrender

"I never did anything" He said laughing

"but you thought it and don't deny it" he shrugged and said "my bad"

I let out a long breath it was going to be a lot of work trying to keep harry on a leash and same for the others. They were going to do something whether I liked it or not and I knew it

A/N: First chapter I will be updating every Wednesday :)

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