My best friends, girlfriend

Amber went out with Zayn Malik, in high school. He was a thief though, along with his two other mates, Louis and Harry they stole from every house in the neighbourhood. One night, Amber, gets stuck in a house and gets arrested while Zayn just left. Two years on. Ambers new room mate introduces her to, her boyfriend, and from that moment on Amber, knows life's about to get very complicated.....


1. Prologue


"Come on", hissed a voice.


I awoke, to Zayn shaking me. His two mates, Harry and Louis were waiting by the door. I slipped out of, bed before quickly shoving on, my waterproof over the top of my pyjamas.


I reached the window, where two more of Zayn’s mates, were holding a step ladder looking impatient. I turned round and slowly climbed down, carefully trying not to slip.


As soon, as we were all on the ground, we rushed up the side path and climbed over the gate, to Zayn’s neighbour’s house. My heart was pounding, as we arrived, in their back garden.


Here, I was dating a criminal, he's been to prison twice, along with his four mates, but I don't know why, but I love him, so of course I help him steal. He says I'm their good luck charm, plus I'm only 16 and pretty short so it's easier for me, to climb through tiny gaps.


It was pounding with rain, and my coat wasn't doing a good job, of keeping me dry, as I had rain dripping off the ends of my long brown hair.


"There's a window open, up there", Harry whispered pointing, to a downstairs window, with a tiny crack in it.


"Nice job," Zayn replied clapping, him on the back.


"Up you go then Amber", hissed Louis pushing me forward.


I hate Louis, he's forever forcing me to do everything for them, and if I get scared he just smacks me and forces me up. When Zayn’s around he just glares at me, but still I'd a lot rather it was just Zayn, the extra mates he seems to bring and Harry.


Zayn noticed the scared look on my face though. He whispered its ok in my ear, before guiding me to the open window.


I gave, him the all clear sign, before climbing on the window sill and sliding in. I found myself, in a large living room, with two large red sofas, all sorts of fancy painting on the wall and tons of ornaments.


"Grab, all the fancy stuff", Harry hissed passing me a bag.


I tiptoed round, cramming all the ornaments into the sac, making sure not to make a sound. After I was done, collecting everything I climbed back onto the window sill, and passed Louis the bag.


I wasn't watching, where I was going though, as I fell onto the ground with a bang. The burglar alarm started blaring, in my ears.


"Zayn pull me up", I screamed.


He tried but he couldn't manage it. Louis grabbed his hand, and they ran off just as two police men and, the owners walked into the living room.


"Name", the police man snapped.


"Aa-m-mb-e-e-r-r", I stuttered still feeling, angry and annoyed about them, just abandoning me. I accepted this, from Louis of course, but I thought Harry and Zayn would, stand by me.




“I’m live in a children’s home”, I replied truthfully, well I used to, I ran away and now I live with Zayn instead, I can’t tell him that though, as when I get out of jail he’ll just send me back, then they will send me to a half-way house.


"Amber you’re under arrest," he snapped handcuffing me.


"Do you want to tell me, your helpers"?




"You didn't do, this on your own did you"? The policeman replied dragging me out the room.


I shook my head, but decided not to speak. There was no use, me giving Zayn up to the police; I was more hurt then annoyed. I couldn't believe, he'd just abandon me like that. I'll say one thing, if I ever see Zayn Malik again; he's so going to pay for this


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