Inseparable: "I don't care"

What if your best friend and you like the same guy?
Cassie Johnson and Hannah Pocket are two French girls that will experience this situation by traveling to New York City for new adventures. Harry Styles, a young American lawyer living in New York City, is one of the best known men in the small town, his problem is that he likes to bet with his friends, but not healthy betting.
He hurt a girl, but, what you don't know is that fate will make a bad move...



1. "Charming Getaway"

France/Paris 10:37p.m.

-How do I look?I asked to Hannah in front of  the mirror.

-Horrible- Replied Hannah.

-How do I smell?- I asked again.

-As trash-The redhead replied me grinning.

-Perfect!- I said- Shall we go?

-No! I have time telling you to do me a braid,  knucklehead!- Said giving me her hair.

And so, Hannah sat in the chair and I just started to weave the braid, since we were six years I make braids, since she never dared to learn how to do it. Upon completion of this, I called a cab to head us to the club: "Charming Getaway", in which Hannah's brother gave the party of our lives.

-We're here!- She said with a smile on his face.

-Nice place... your brother knows how to do parties.

-Cassie, he is my young brother, where do you think he got the talent?

-Hey! Be careful with your heels, you're gonna step your ego- I said sarcastically.

-Always so nice Cassie- She said giving me a fake smile.

-I know it Hannah, no need to say it. But if you notice, we have to go to the party.

-You're right Ms. Johnson. How about if we go?- She said offering me his arm.

-Sounds like a great idea Ms. Pocket!- I held her arm.

And we went walking as soldiers to the party, like if we were two kids. When we entered in the club, looked as if nobody more could be in there. Hannah grabbed my hand and started to get between all these people, and I just followed her. Hannah led me to the bartender area, so this could only mean one thing: She wanted to drink. A lot. I wanted to drink, I wanted to get drunk, because in three days we would go to New York, for 3 months, or maybe more longer.

Hannah went to the bartender and asked him for the most hard thing that he had, and him, just followed orders and prepared two drinks. Then, Hannah gave me one and said:

-This is for New York, the city of dreams and fantasies. AMERICANS, GET READY, WE WILL SOON REMOVE THE PEACE!- She said, raising her drink.


United States / New York 4:27 a.m.

-Come on Harry, one more, you can- Niall said.

-Okay, but this time we're going to devote it- I said disoriented because of the alcohol.

-Who?- Said Zayn more drunk than me.

-For the people who are drinking anywhere in the world!- I raised my cup of wine.

-YEAH!- Said my two friend at the same time.

7:43 a.m.

I woke up dizzy and rubbed my eyes just for see that the house was a mess: there was wine on the floor, food everywhere,and the phones were lying on the floor. THIS PLACE WAS DISGUSTING! I decided to stood myself form the dinner table while Niall was on sofa and Zayn lying on the floor. Last night was... one of the craziest things that Zayn thought in years. It was all his fault. He began to invite those cute girls who were at the bar, but they didn't came with us, so we were drinking until 5 

France / Paris 1:24 pm

After the first drink, I lost the count, I just remember that a cute guy asked me to dance so I forgot all my troubles. That party was amazing: people dancing, drinking, and doing things that they could do on a room. That party was amazing! This morning, I woke up with the dark circles more pronounced on the whole planet. My head hurt so bad and I felt very tired. I was a mess, I think I threw up on myself, or maybe it was Hannah, or a guy from the party... The point is that I had to carry that dress to the laundry. Hannah's dad always said that the next day that you got drunk, you had to go to the church to ask forgiveness for all your sins. In the afternoon, we would go to Notre Dame, so it may be the last time we visit this cathedral for a while.


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