1D Imagines

About fans who want a short story about One Direction!


1. Diana's imagine with Harry

   You walk into you quiet house. Harry isn't home yet, and your almost nine months pregnant. The due date is coming up pretty fast. You sit down on the couch, and turn on the TV. Seconds later you see the new roll on, and they're reporting a massive fire at California's recording studio. They suspect about ten men died, including One Direction. You start balling, and you feel a pain, in your stomach. You start having a contraction, and you grab your, almost dead cell phone. 

   "Hello 911 speaking," the operator said.

   "Hi. I'm pregnant, and I think I'm going into labor," you say into the phone panicked,

   "Okay. The paramedics are on there way."

   You could hear sirens getting closer, and closer to your flat. They opened your front door, and rushed you to the hospital. After hours, and hours of labor, you have a baby girl. The nurses hand you, your baby girl. She looks a lot like Harry, but you can still see yourself in her too. 

   "What are you going to name her?" One of the nurses asked. 

   "Darcey. Darcey Grace Styles," I responded.

   "That's a great name."

   "Thank you."

                                Years later...

   You are celebrating Darcey's birthday. When the doorbell goes off. You leave Darcey alone, with all of her preschool friends. You open the front door, and Harry's standing their.

   "Harry!" You yell.

    "Babe!" He responds.

    "Your still alive?" 

    Harry nods.

    "I thought you were dead...you missed Darcey's birth."

    He walked passed me, and went to the backyard. He was playing around with Darcey, and laughing. At this moment, you knew Harry wasn't leaving, until you, and Harry die.


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