One Jacked Up Love Story

Vampires are never allowed to be friends with/love werewolves but Mavis is special and when she figures out her mate is a werewolf her whole world will change..


1. Werewolves and vampires

            2 years earlier 
I moved slowly and winced every time I heard the glass crunch under my body. I looked around and whimpered, "Mommy?" 
No answer. 
I moved out of the flipped upside down car, stood up, and looked at my blood covered body. "Mommy?!" I yelled. I looked around and saw her limp arm hanging out of the car. 
"You look hurt." I turned around and saw a boy with chopped blonde hair and blazing blue eyes. He was wearing black skinny jeans, white supras, and a white collared polo shirt making him look tanner than he already was. 
"The car flipped on the ice and my mom...I think she's dead." I cried. 
"I can make the pain go away." He stepped toward me. I nodded stupidly, "please do!" 
He held me against a tree and bit my neck. 
             Present day 
"MayMay, get down here!" I rolled my eyes and walked down the stairs, "What, Anderw?" 
"Laundry needs to be done." Andrew smiled throwing his boxers and crap at me. "Just because I'm the only women in this house doesn't mean I do laundry!" I smiled holding up a pair of his spongebob boxers. Andrew blushed. 
"Nice boxers, Andy!" Stark laughed walking into the living room. Andrew blushed worse, "SHUT UP!" 
I giggled and walked into the laundry room. 
I'm Mavis Mahone. I live with my 4 older 'brothers' in Montana. I have long golden colored  hair, dark green eyes, plump red lips, big love handles, a little bit of a butt, and medium sized boobs. 
Currently I am wearing lime green skinny jeans, a plain white shirt, no shoes, and my hair is in a braid. 
I'm a vampire. 
Yes blood sucking leech. Blah blah blah. Andrew turned me when my mom and I were in a car crash 2 years ago. Ever since then I have lived with Andrew, Stark, Milo, and Justan. 
Andrew is the youngest of my 4 older brothers, he's 103. Stark is 109, Milo is 257, and Justan is 1,479. 
They aren't all real brother they all were changed by one another. 
Justan was changed in 533 AD when his village was attacked by an army and he was 1/2 alive and begging a solider for his life and the solider changed him and used him as his personal servant until Justan took over and killed the solider. 
Milo was changed in 1755 when he was in a bar fight and was badly beaten. Justan changed him when he was thrown in an alley to die. Justan took him in and they became very close. 
Stark was changed in 1903 when this girl he was sleeping around with's boyfriend stabbed him 53 times and left him to die on a beach. Milo was out hunting animals at the time and saw Stark, he was attracted to the blood, changed him, and brought him back to his and Justan's house. 
Andrew was changed in 1909. His house had caught on fire and he was left In there. His parents abused him and hated him so they left him to die. Justan, Milo, and Stark all saw the fire and was helping put it out when Justan found Andrew he quickly changed him. 
Vampires never age so they all look like the age they were turned. Justan was 23, Milo was 20, Stark was 19, and Andrew was 18. I was only 16. So I'm the youngest.
Now you know vampire and werewolves are sworn enemies, right? Good. I don't want to go into the whole vampire bat bit a brother, a wolf bit the other brother they turned into a vampire and werewolf. The werewolf stole the vampire's bride blah blah blah boring love crap blah blah blah. 
My brothers are interesting characters... 
Justan has chopped black hair with a lip ring, his nose is small, his lips are thick, he has a basketball player's build; muscled but not too muscled, he personality is weird. He's a hardcore alpha but does have a good heart when it comes to a pack member hurt.
Mirko has shaggy brown hair with hazel eyes a hint of blue in each eye, he has a baseball players build; strong but not indented muscles, his nose is large but not like bam Large or medium sized. He was the best alpha that we had always easy on us if we mess up but when he needed to he was hardcore. 
Stark has chopped black hair with bright green eyes, he has a medium sized nose. His build is a football players build; full on indented muscles. He looks like he'd be the toughest but he was the sweetest one of us. 
Andrew had chopped blonde hair and blazing blue eyes. He has a small cute little kid nose. His build is a soccer player's build; strong legs with indented muscles. He was the tough one he could be a sweetheart but that side barely comes out. 
All of us are tan considering we're always outside. 
I put all the darks in the washer, started it, and went back into the living room. "Where's Justan?" I asked sitting between Stark and Andrew on the couch. 
Milo gave them a stern look before turning back to his laptop. "Er..he's ummmmm out." Andrew stammered. "With a friend!!" Stark quickly added in. 
"You're lying. Both of you are." I narrowed my eyes at them. One of the gifts I got when I was turned was telling if Someone was lying.
Milo cursed, "I forgot about that cursed power!" 
I smirked, "Truth please." 
"For the past 2 years Justan has been wiping your family's memories of you. Like making it seem like you never existed. He just found your dad and your dad's family. He's out wiping their memories as we speak." Milo sighed. 
I clenched my teeth. It was the truth. Just then the door shut. I ran with my speed to the front door. Justan laughed when he saw me, "Missed me?" 
"You lying piece of crap!" I screamed. Justan held his hands up, "Whoa now!" 
I slammed him against the wall making the mirror fall onto the floor and break. He growled his eyes shifting from brown to purple quickly and his fangs coming out. 
My fangs came out and I knew my eyes shifted colors as I hissed at him. "Fight like a man!" Justan growled. I pulled the front door open and pushed him out it, "I planed on it!" 
I slammed the front door shut as the snow began to drift into the house. Justan growled as We made our way down the stairs. I crouched on the snow waiting the attack. 
Justan bent his knees a little then we sprang at each other only to get knocked back down by 6 hands. Andrew and Stark was holding me down onto the snow and Milo held Justan down. 
"I just cleaned up Stark and Andrew's mess now I have to clean up yalls!" Milo growled at us his fangs coming out and his eyes shifting. 
I whimpered under his glare like I do to Justan. Justan and Milo are basically like alphas. They strike a fear into me, Stark, and Andrew. 
"I'm sorry." I winced. Milo nodded at Andrew and Stark signaling them to let me go. I stood up. "Take her inside." Milo ordered. Stark grabbed one arm and Andrew grabbed the other and dragged me into the house. 
Stark groaned as he looked at the shards of glass all over the hall by the door, "May, clean this up it'll save Milo from screaming at you." I nodded and went to get a broom and dustpan. 
When I came back Milo ad Justan were walking into the house. "Ridiculous. Justan, go to your gosh dang room and DO NOT come out!" Milo yelled shoving Justan in the direction of the stairs. Justan hissed and went up the stairs. 
I cleaned the glass up and dumped it in the trash. "MayMay." I looked up at Milo, "Yes?" 
Milo was about to say something when he cleared his throat, "Um I need some things from the store. Here's a list." He handed me a piece of notebook paper that had writing on it then he handed me $5,679, "Be back soon." I grabbed my white north face jacket and keys and walked out to my green camero.
I drove to the store, parked my car, turned it off, got out, locked my car, ad went into the store. 
I got a cart and started pushing. I read the list: 
"Steak,Chicken, Ribs(60 packages of each) 
Sour cream(9 tubes) 
Cream of mushroom(20 cans) 
Coke, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi(4 boxes of each) 
Corn, peas, green beans, carrots, and hummus(10 bags of each) 
Sweet and regular potatoes (5 bags of each) 
Cream cheese(10 boxes) 
Crescent rolls and biscuits(14 rolls of each)" 
I rolled my eyes, "Stupid boys." I walked to the meats and accidentally hit someone's cart, "I'm sorry!" 
"It's fine." I looked up and gasped. 6'1, dirty blonde hair, green/blue eyes, not really buff but like soccer player buff, skinny, tan guy stood in front of me in red sweat pants, white supras, and a white soccer shirt. 
"I'm Mavis." I smiled extending my hand. He took it and shook it, "Lane." 
"I'm sorry I hit your cart I wasn't really paying attention." 
"It's fine, I wasn't either. I'm trying to get food for my mom and my mind just isn't all here." 
"Yeah, I'm trying to get food for my 4 older brothers and me." then I smelt it. Werewolf. He was a werewolf and I knew he could smell the vampire on me. "Werewolf." I muttered. 
"Vampire," he smirked "cute vampire at that." 
I blushed, "You really getting food for you mom?"
"Nah, my pack is out of food. You?"
"My 4 older 'brothers' and I are out of food." 
"What are you doing tomorrow?"
"Um nothing I think." 
"Would you like to go on a date with me?"
"Sure. Of course yes I would!" 
"Great. What's your number?" I gave him my number we helped each other shop and went our separate ways after he helped me load everything into my car. 
I started driving home and thought, Oh My Gosh, I'm going on a date with a werewolf! 

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