My Life

A fifteen year old girl named Lydia Hew is writing her own diary as she lives her life as a teenager.


1. History


 Dear Diary, 

   For those of you who may be reading this right guys might want to know that this book isn't fictional. Yes, this is based on a true story. But anyway, shall we move on? 

   I'm that abnormal 15 year old girl named Lydia Hew. Before we get any further, let's recap a little. I was born in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. It's a place that is filled with polluted thick that sometimes you just want to cough. Everything seems so dull and the sky is made up of various shades of grey. Those who are not familiar with the country or never lived there for almost their entire life are going to have a hard time visiting. However, they do have some beautiful places in Jakarta such as amusement parks, malls, parks, zoos, and more. 

   I used to live with my grandmother and uncle for nine and a half years. My parents moved to the United States when I was two to search for a better job. Life was fun for me, although at the same time a bit difficult because I'd never experienced parental love as I was growing up. Fortunately, my uncle and grandmother made everything perfect for me. Whenever I was sad they would try to cheer me up. Whenever I was struggling in school they would give me their support and help me through my problems.

   They were like my parents to me. I was able to tell them everything...well, almost everything because I was a bad kid back then who stole and broke things sometimes. I was actually quite disobedient. Don't ask me how my grandmother and uncle survived because honestly, I'm not sure how they did either. They never even complained about me once in their lives..which is why I love them. They truly accepted me.

   My uncle has a pretty big house. It's no mansion, but it's still really large. I was basically living with the wealthy side of the family. My uncle is a programmer whereas my grandmother doesn't have a job. However, she would stay home to cook for everyone and clean the house. I remember back then when she would make us all of those delicious meals and blend fruits to make scrumptious juices. Mmm, her stuff is the best! 

   Every year my uncle would tell me that I was moving to America, but it never really happened. It would always end up with me going on vacation to Singapore, Malaysia, or visiting my cousin in Medan or Aceh. That was until 4th grade, though. At that point in time everything finally became real. I got my visa and my passport and I was ready to move to the United States.

   My parents wanted me back..they wanted me to live with them. A day before my department to Taiwan (we made a stop there for vacation before we departed to the U.S.) I cried. I cried all alone in my bedroom..naked. Yes, naked. I guess I was in the middle of changing into my pajamas, but then I went into a mental break down.

   I'm always alone. Always. Even when everything seems like it's going so well. When I made some new close friends (It was hard for me to make new friends because I wasn't that good at it and most of the people that went to my school judged me and some bullied me) I wondered, why? Why now? Why do I have to move back with my parents? Why do I have to leave my beloved grandmother and uncle now? I decided to wipe my tears away and pray. I didn't know much about Christianity back then even though I'd attended a Christian magnet school, but one thing that I was taught was that God will always be there to help you no matter what..which is why I prayed. I took one last look at my bedroom before saying goodbye to it. 

   The next day, I was ready. I was all packed in the morning for my trip to Taiwan. My aunt stayed at home since she wasn't able to go with us because she was pregnant during that time. I told her farewell and of course the baby too. But before I left, one of my close friends named Meldy called me. I was surprised that it was her who called. It sounded like she was crying although she reassured me she wasn't. She was sweet enough to call me and say goodbye. It was just sad to have to say it back.

   My uncle and grandmother were still going to be with me until we arrived at U.S., but either way they would have to leave me eventually. By the time I made it outside, my neighbor Rika was out there with her mom. They said goodbye to me with a bright smile and, of course, I told her goodbye in return.

   It was kind of sad that I wasn't able to see my friend Clara because the last time I visited her was at school. So I was only able to say bye to her mother. (I'm not sure how they met, but Clara's parents and my uncle are pretty good friends. That's one of the reasons why my family is close with Clara's family).

   Finally, we left to the airport. There was A LOT of delay. We had to sit around in the waiting room for hours! I believe we waited from around 12:00pm and ended up departing at 5:00pm. It was extremely boring and tiring. But guess what? They gave all of us a free ticket to eat at this awesome buffet in the airport. It was just absolutely amazing. It was much better than sitting around in the waiting room doing nothing. 

   We went to Taiwan and stayed there for a week. It was actually rather boring there. I mean yeah, there were a lot of attractions but it was still boring. Although, I do remember seeing this one couple making out while they set their camera in front of them to take a picture...while they were making out. It was..interesting. I also remember buying these sandals that were made out of wood. I looked so cute, but they hurt like hell to wear! So girls, don't buy shoes or sandals just because they look good. Moral: try it on before you buy it, otherwise you will be wasting your money.

   Lastly, I remember when my uncle and I bought this one tag with my name, his name, and my aunt's name on it. He also bought me a led pencil and an eraser to draw with because I tend to get bored a lot. For a week we stayed in Taiwan then left to L.A. It was a one day flight from there to our destination. We stayed in L.A. for 2 weeks. We even went to Disney Land, Hollywood Studios, the Grand Canyon, and Sea World. It was such an amazing trip. That's when I accidentally drank beer...I thought it was Sprite...but uh, never mind.  

   Later on we went to Georgia and explored various places. I reunited with my parents there and they were crying when they saw me. However, I didn't cry. I was clueless. I didn't know what they looked like or anything. I didn't even embrace them. The only thing going through my mind was, Time is ticking...I'm about to lose the two people that I've loved most in my life.

   We celebrated my 10th birthday here in Georgia when my uncle and grandma were still here. It was alright. It was the last birthday celebration that I would have with them...and that's all I could think of the entire time.

   I was surprised that I didn't shed a tear when my uncle went back to Indonesia. He most certainly did, though. He tried to be put on a happy face for me and not cry, but I could see the tears welling up in his eyes. I didn't go to the airport with him. I stayed at home instead. It was..just too depressing.

   I wasn't able to show my emotions because that's just me. I don't express my true feelings. I keep them bottled up because I know no one will be able to understand or help me.

   Later on, a week after we went to New York, (We went there with my sister, mom, aunt, and grandma for vacation. We went to Niagara Falls. It was a good time.) my grandmother left back to Indonesia. I didn't cry in front of her, but I did on the car ride home. I saw her smiling and tears were streaming down her face.

   I told myself, "Stay strong, Lydia. Stay strong. You have to stay strong for your grandma and give her a happy ending. Not a sad one. You don't want to make her any more sad or make her feel worried about you." 

   While I was in the car, I couldn't help but cry. I tried to hide the tears and it seemed I had, considering no one noticed.

And after all that....this is where my life was about to get tougher. 


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