Love life

It is a story about your love life whith Louis from 1D he is not famous in this movella (fan fiction)


1. Chapter one

You get dropped of at school by your mum in the car, it's your first day at reception and your feeling nervous. You say goodbye to your mum and wait in playground for school to start. 


A boy comes up too you and says "hello, my names Louis. What's yours?"  You reply my name is Y/N (your name) do you want to be my friend? "I would very much like that" 


the whistle blows and you walk into class hand in hand. Your teacher makes you sit in a circle and say your name out to the rest of the class when that is finished you have too get changed for PE, you ask Louis if he will be your partner and he says yes. You walk hand in hand to the field where you will be practising football skills, you are amazed at how good Louis is at it, when you can barely kick it.

At break time you make friends with a boy called Justin and you and Louis play with him. 


When you get in the car you tell your mum all about Louis and what great friends you are.

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