Best Song Ever

Georgia Rose as lived in the some old town for ages. It's a town where everyone knows everyone and nothing happens. But at one party Georgia meets this boy that she had never seen before, he was a mistery. After the party the boy is gone and Georgia goes out on a quest to find her mistery crush...


2. Preparing for the party



- I GOT NOTHING TO WEAR! I shouted and looked around the room where all of my clothes were laying.
The door opened and my Mum walked in with a worried face.
- What are you screaming about?
- Katy will be here any minute, and I still haven't decided what I should wear.
I sat on my bed and made a big sigh.
- Maybe I shouldn't go to that stupid party...
- Don't be silly, of course you are, my Mum said and sat down at the bed beside me.
- But I can't go without clothes!
- Wait, I think I have something that will fit you just perfect.
My Mum got up and went out of the room, I looked confused and had no idea what she could have that was perfect just for her.
A few minutes later I heard my Mum scream "I found it" and then she came running in to my room again with the most beautiful dress I had ever seen. It was a strapless dress that went to the knees, with a colour of ocean blue and with a dark blue belt around the waist.
I was stunned by the beauty of the dress and was speechless.
- I wore this when I met your father, it brings good luck, Mum said and smiled at my stunned face, Do you like it?
- It's.... It's... Perfect.
I tried on the dress, and it fit me perfect, and the colour of the dress were the same colour as my eyes. 
My Mum fixed my hair and made my curly brown hair in to a beautiful bow.
- You look beautiful, sweetheart, Mum said and smiled at me.
- I feel beautiful, I said and smiled back.
Just at that moment you could hear the bell ring.
- That must be Katy, thanks for everything Mum, I said and gave her a hug for good bye.
- Bye, honey, and remember, the dress will give you good luck.
And as I went out to Katy and got in her car, I thought of what my Mum had said and maybe this party will be different.

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