Best Song Ever

Georgia Rose as lived in the some old town for ages. It's a town where everyone knows everyone and nothing happens. But at one party Georgia meets this boy that she had never seen before, he was a mistery. After the party the boy is gone and Georgia goes out on a quest to find her mistery crush...


1. Just an ordinary day



I looked at the clock for the hundred time, but just like for a few seconds ago the clock was still on 3.56 pm, couldn't the clock just move a little bit faster?
I saw how Mrs Margret's lips were moving, but I didn't hear what was coming out of them. I know that i really should listen, because my grades have not been the greatest this year, and I really need a C in Math if I want to graduate.

Finally the bell rang the annoying peep, but in that moment it sounded like heaven. I met my friend Katy outside the classroom, and she started talking about the weekend.
- Larry is throwing a big party tomorrow, his parents have gone to Ireland, it's going to be awesome!
- I don't know, I don't really like parties, I said and I blushed.
- But you HAVE to come, everyone will be there, a lot of cute boys for example, she said and winked at me.
- Stop it, you know that every cute boy is already taken by a cuter girl
- Come on! It'll be fun! she looked at me with hope in her eyes.
- Okay, I sighed and got a big hug from Katy.
- Great! See you tomorrow than, she said and waved goodbye.
When she left I had a feeling in my stomach that maybe something could happen at this party, something exciting. But I shrugged my head, nothing exciting happens in this town, this party will be like every other boring party I've been to, or will it....?


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