Welcome to Vampville

Welcome to Vampville is a short story for the Coldest girl in Coldtown competition.


1. Welcome to Vampville - Full Story.

I feel like I am the only person in London that knows Vampires exsist. When the sun goes down the bad comes out, and it's as simple as that. I can't help but wonder why it happened, and how they evolved. First came the humans, or was it the Vampires? Did they die long before we arrived, half dead and half alive after some freak accident?                                                                            

I sit on the wooden bench thinking, watching, waiting. For what, I had no idea. I was dressed down to earth in a casual jumper and a pair of jeans mum had bought from some store on Main Street. But my mum wasn't here anymore. For all I knew she was one of them; the people that weren't people at all. Dad didn't know. I didn't know. I had a long time to think about it, but I think that no-body knows the truth anymore.

'Amber, what are you doing?'

I look up and meet the urgent gaze of Callum Silverly, the one person I hadn't really expected to see. He smiles something small and sweet, then he sits down in the empty space beside me. I turn to face him and ask him what's wrong.

'Nothing's wrong. With me, anyway. Something is wrong with the world though, I can feel it. I see it all around me, things that just don't seem right. What about you? How are you holding up?'

'I'm fine, thanks. And I know how you feel. This world isn't the same anymore, Callum. I don't think it's ever been as bad as it is now. I've seen them, those creatures that lurk in the shadows and stay in until night fall. They took my mum, and I want to take their lives.'

Callum pats his hand on my right knee, then forces me to meet his eyes. Then he tells me something through them, something I understand immediately. Pain being forced back. He knows how I feel.

'Everything will be okay, Amber. Trust me on this. Those... those things, they won't live forever.'

I move across the bench towards Callum and rest my head on his shoulder. I think he is surprised that I pulled that move, but he doesn't seem to mind too much because he wraps an arm around me and pulls me close. Then he whispers something in my ear. Something surprising.

'You see that girl over there, behind the willow tree? She's one of them. And she is watching us.'

Callum pulls me closer and I snuggle in. I study the girl. She's already studying us, I know it. She might have shades pulled down over her eyes, but her head is tilted directly at us. Her hair pitch black, as dark as the night sky, with a streak of white on one side. She wears a leather jacket and a pair of black skinny jeans, and of course, black Converse on her feet. For a Vampire she's stylish.

'I think we better leave before we become her lunch.'

I gasp at Callum. He cocks his head at me, and frowns.


'She won't attack us in the daylight! Will she?'

'She can hear our every word. I think she's possibly smiling right now, if that's what Vampires do. Do Vampires smile?'

'Hey, your the one with the facts. I don't know anything, Vampboy. Come on, your right. We should totally leave now.'

We both stand in sync and I give a little giggle. Then Callum takes my hand and walks me out of the park and down one the many streets we take to get to school. School isn't too popular with people anymore since the Vampires find it the perfect Juice Box, but those who can attend do, and that includes Callum and myself.

'Vampboy. Huh, I sort of like it.'

I shrug in reply. Then I say something meaningless.

'It just popped into my head. I suppose it would suit you if you were actually a Vamp. Which I really hope you aren't.'

I give Callum a quick sideways glance, but he is grinning. He looks to the right then exchanges a look with me. It read something like you know me too well to know that I'm not a monster, but I couldn't help but consider it for a moment. Callum had the dark features and alluring attitude; who wouldn't make him a Vampire?

'Do you think anyone else knows about the Vampires?' I ask Callum suddenly, and we turn a corner. I scream loudly, and Callum jerks me back.

'What do you want?' he asked disgustedly, looking at the Vampire we'd seen in the park up and down. She smiles something small and sly.

'You have nothing. She has something.'

She snaps her head in my direction, and her grin seems to grow. I watch her open her mouth but I'm not sure whether she is going to talk or attempt to kill me...

'What do you want?' I ask bravely, letting Callum's hand fall to his side. I can defend myself, no matter how much I shiver and shake.

'You have something that's quite the charm around here. I don't suppose I am the only Vampire to wonder up to you and talk, am I?'

I allow myself to let slip of a small, shaky breath, but I reply shortly after.

'No. You are not. The others tend to... attack, though. You, however, are reasonably calm. Is there something I should know, being the "charm" and all?'

The Vamp doesn't smile, but instead grabs my wrist. I try to pull back and resist the urge to give her a gigantic kick, but then she only runs her forefinger up and down my veins. She then sniffs the air is if trying to find something that is there, but obviously isn't. She then lets her attention wander back to me, and it's only then do I realize something.

'How the hell are you a Vampire in the sun?'

She pushes me back so I fall to the pavement on my bum, but she doesn't seem to care. She grabs Callum by the top and gives it a giant pull. The she growls something I can't fully understand until I let it run through my mind a little, trying to get grip of what's going on just in front of me.

'You brought me a Deather, didn't you! Your filth, boy. Filth!'

Right before my eyes she snaps his neck, and lets him fall to the floor limply. I scream, but she doesn't notice. She then kneels down and holds her hands over his body. He disappears, dead and gone. She looks back at me, knowing I don't know anything.

'A Deather, little girl, is someone who has Vampire blood and Human blood in their system. You are a very special girl, but you are not for me. I only catch Lessers, the people I desire the most. You may think I am a Vampire, but I am not. I believe this is all craziness for you, and you do not understand a thing I am saying. But you are in danger, and I know you understand me on that level.'

She holds out a hand for me, but I do not take it. She just killed my friend, and is now telling me I am a Deather? It makes no sense, she's right. This world isn't normal anymore. It never was in the first place.

'Deather's are rare. Vampires want Deathers so there can be more Vampires. Your friend put me and you in danger, not forgetting himself. He is in a better place now, don't worry. He called me a Vampire so you could walk the streets showing off your blood, which wasn't a very wise idea. If he hadn't told you I was there, you would have been dead. Does that make anymore sense?'

I manage to stutter a 'N-no.'

She shakes her head.

'Your a dead girl if you don't go home. I'm a dead woman already. But I can still be killed, and sent to Hell. Get up, and follow me.'

I am in shock, but am able to stand up and jump on her back as she gestures. Then we are gone moments later, and I am in a Forest, full of dirt and trees and undergrowth. She just sits, allowing me to sit beside her.

'I am a dangerous woman, but I am also a good one. I might have killed your friend back there but he wasn't really a friend. You should know that.'

She gives me a look of pure honesty, but things happen so quickly, I'm not sure who I should trust. One day I'm a normal girl being born, and the next, I am told I am part Vampire, part Human. A Deather. And apparently, I am rare and am a danger for anyone around me. Was this some sort of game? Was I being played? Vampires, I believe that. But a Deather? No, it had to be made up.

'Let's just say I'm part Vampire too. I have a little bit in me, but that is for my job. Lessers are my hunt. They are people who want to become Vampires, and hunt their own kind which would be humans. Lessers need to die, and I am the one who does the killing. I can kill just about anyone with my ability. Am I making any more sense?'

I shrug again, struggling to find the right words. It all comes so quickly, I can't take it. I allow my body to shake as I break down into tears. The lady doesn't comfort me and just watches, as if she's never seen this before.

'I do know one thing, though. Welcome to Vampville. The place where your blood, is our blood.'




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