Eleanor's Cousin

Hi! My name is Charlotte Calder and I'm from Manchester in England. I live with my mum, dad and three baby sisters. I love music and I am currently trying to make a name for myself out there in the music world, oh I almost forgot! Did I mention I'm Eleanor Calder’s cousin?


1. Starbucks

 Hi! My name is Charlotte Calder and I'm from Manchester in England. I live with my mum, dad and three baby sisters. I love music and I am currently trying to make a name for myself out there in the music world, oh I almost forgot! Did I mention I'm Eleanor Calder’s cousin?


“Charlotte Grace Calder you’re going and that’s final!” I groan as my mum shouts at me from downstairs, “But mum you know how she is!” I protested with my last bit of dignity even though I knew well my mum never gives in. I hear her huff before her booming voice projects up the stairs and bounces off the halls. “Charlotte don’t argue with me!” I sigh heavily and kick my wardrobe roughly before slumping onto the floor beside my single bed. It’s just not fair that my mum is making me do this, why can't anyone else?

I kick a stone away with the toe of my black leather combat boot and trudge into Starbucks. I pull my skinny black leggings up an inch and hug myself further into my grey baggy sweater. I fix my scarf and play with the edges as I wait in a booth. I'm not going to bother ordering because there’s no guarantee she's gonna show up. I twirl a loose strand of hair that has fallen out of my high bun around my finger as I look out the massive glass window. There are people busying themselves on the street, obviously having more important things to do than sit down and have coffee. But by the look of some business-workers, they really look like they need a shot of caffeine. I nibble on my nails and check my battered Nokia phone every ten minutes, checking the time.  I count the minutes and realise she's twenty minutes late, I sigh and heave myself out of the booth. Rolling my eyes and glancing at everyone before heading to the door. At that moment someone decides to come bursting in to Starbucks, swinging the door open and running right into me. “Ah! Watch where you’re going!”

I look up to be meted by the familiar brown eyes and professionally styled hair, she batters her eyelids before smiling and pulling me into a hug.

“I'm so sorry Char! I didn’t mean to hit you its just I'm in a mad rush.” She guides me over to a booth and sits me down, I'm in a state of shock from her sudden appearance that I can't process what she's saying or doing. She chatters on about rubbish but I cut her off,

“Eleanor, you’re late.” She looks at me with puppy eyes and glances around before turning back to me, “I know I'm sorry Char but Louis was looking cute today and he has a big interview and I was saying goodbye and then the limo driver gave me a lift after dropping the boys off…”

She trails off like she usually does; only because she knows I don’t buy any of her crap, I fold my arms sternly and turn to her.

“Whatever, so what do you want?” By the reaction on her face, I can tell she's shocked I didn’t shout like I usually do. She quickly recovers and closes her mouth which was gaping open like a goldfish.

“Well, you’re my cousin and I wanted to see you. You’re family after all.” She attempts a warm smile but it comes out all twisted and awkward, I unfold my arms and fix my scarf before snorting and shooting back, “Puh-leas, what do you want?” she rolls her eyes and gives up to her little innocent act.

“I have nothing to do and no-one to hang out with! Perrie is on tour with Little Mix and Liam and Danielle are broken up so Management don’t like me going out with her so I came home. Happy now?” Her tone is frustrated by the end of her rant, I shake my head and she huffs before turning away from me. Her actions identical to mine; crossed arms and stern expression while glaring out the window. Some people swear sometimes we’re sisters but we’re just cousins who grew up together like sisters, I guess twins considering we’re the same age.

Eleanor orders an iced coffee while I ask for a cappuccino. Eleanor folds her arms as her facial expression softens, she leans across the table and looks me in the eye.

“Charlotte what the hell happened to us? We use to be so close and now we can't even have a civil conversation together! I want the old us back, do you remember the fun we used to have. The Calder twins?! When we went everywhere together, school and shopping and everyone swore we were twins?” She looks at me pleadingly, almost willing me to remember. I stand up, scowling in her face and reply gritting my teeth.

“Elounor happened.” I hiss in her face and stomp off, all our conversations end like this all the time now, I just don’t understand why.

Do you ever get the feeling where you’re floating between worlds and you don’t know what's happening? Where you’re so lightheaded it hurts to even be alive? That’s what I'm feeling and I honestly don’t know what the heck is going on. I suddenly wake and sit up on whatever I was lying on. I feverishly look around to find some idea of where I am. It’s not my bedroom for sure anyways.

I fumble with the crisp white sheets wrapped tightly around my legs before sliding off the king sized bed, luxury I'm not used to. A few massive pillows slide off with me but I ignore them and leave them sitting on the soft cream carpet. I look around the room which appears to be a bedroom. There’s expensive furniture everywhere which tells me I'm definitely not in my own house. I hear shuffling outside the white panelled door before someone turning the handle. I quickly jump behind the door as it swings open, inches away from hitting me. I cringe against the wall as I watch out for the person. A guy with smooth brown hair styled into a quiff walks around the room, glancing everywhere and probably looking for me. I inch closer away from the wall and to the edge of the door to get a look at his face, if only he just turns around!

He slowly walks around the room once more before sighing loudly and speaking with a thick English accent,

“If Eleanor didn’t just bring her home.” Another person speaks up with an Irish accent; I raise an eyebrow as I watch the blond haired guy walk around too. Funny, I didn’t see him come in.

“Watcha say mate?” I watch the two of them as they stand with their hands in their pockets, the brown haired guy turns around resulting in me gasping. Both of them turn towards where I'm hiding behind the door, the brown haired guy speed-walks towards the door and swings it closed to reveal me cowering against the wall. My lips tremble as they form an uneasy smile,

“H-h-hi Louis, n-n-n-Niall.” I do a little wave but then place my hand awkwardly behind my back, what the hell was that freaky wave for? Seriously I'm not retarded but that was stupid and looked awful as well. The familiar Irish boy grins and waves from behind Louis who is watching me carefully,

“Why were you hiding Charlotte?” Louis never uses my full name, only my mum ever does, I shrug and look around to prove my point. He sighs and places his hands on his narrow hips, “Oh yeah I guess you’re probably wondering where you are?” 

I nod quietly and he sighs, leaning back onto the bed I was previously sleeping in. Niall backs out of the room slowly, careful not to get caught by Louis. I shuffled uneasily, Louis and I haven't been this close or alone in a bedroom since....well since then. I shake my head free of those thoughts and look back up into Louis' eyes. Their green/blue colour still makes me weak at the knees. I bite my lip and watch his pink lips intently as they move freely, they stop moving which wakes me up a little. "Uh Char? Hello? Are you even listening?" His voice is stern but his lips are curling up at the ends and his eyes hold that spark of playfulness. Louis knows that I was never a good listener and I know he tries to act stern but he thinks it's funny....we know so much about each other because we just used to...never mind! I shouldn't even think back to those days! I grin and so does Louis, next thing you know we're both laughing our heads off. Somehow we're drawn together like magnets, me sitting on Louis lap as he ruffles my hair and plays with it. He tickles my neck, he knows I have the tickles so he continues down my torso to under my arms. He lies back on the bed tickling me, I fall back on top of him laughing and giggling. I squirm around on top of him as he laughs his head off. He props himself up on his elbows so I'm lying on top of him. We remain like that until someone suddenly opens the door, Liam stands there glancing between us. Louis and I spring apart and look at the ground awkwardly, I glance up at Liam from under the curtain of my hair. His face is stern and his dark eyes are grave, he speaks up with a angry tone.

"Louis." His voice is warning and he's clearly pissed at our actions. I peek at Louis who is watching me carefully. He meets my eye and quickly looks away, looking up at Liam. "We were only having a laugh." He defends us, Liam shakes his head, "Hah! Remember the last time you said that mate?" I wince at Liam recalling a time long ago when Louis and I were just friends and he hadn't met Eleanor yet, we were slowly falling for each other even though we both denied it. Liam scowls and so does Louis, "I need to speak to you in private.." He turns to me, "Charlotte there's clothes in there, get changed and come downstairs for some breakfast, I'm sure you're starving." He tries to smile but I can tell it's fake, he beckons to Louis as I sit and watch in silence. Louis stands up slowly and looks back at me unsure. I look away from him as Liam follows him out into the hall and closes the door. I open the closet door to a range of designer women's clothes, I gawk at all the designer labels. This is obviously Eleanor's closet. I pick out a pink skater skirt and black lace crop top, I pull the skirt up to meet the end of the short top. I go through the next closet to find that it's full of women's dresses, she has a closet full of just dresses?! I'm just about to check the next when I overhear Liam's voice,

"Louis you can't be doing that!" Louis soon interrupts Liam, "We were only messing around god's sake!" Both of the boys are shouting at each other, "That's the thing Louis! You can't mess around with her! You have Eleanor!" I don't hear Louis reply so I turn my attention back to shoe hunting. I swing open the wardrobe to be met by the glorious scent of Louis cologne. I know it so well as it's the one I bought him for Christmas two years ago. No-one else knows I was the one who bought it for him. I flick through his cashmere jumpers, stripy tees, skinny jeans, chinos, hoodies and different items of clothing until I come to a certain jumper that brings back so many memories. I grip it tightly in my fists as fresh tears well in my eyes, before I can gather my thoughts a flashback is flicking into my mind.


"Babe, babe! Char, wakeup!" Someone is shoving me, my eyes flicker open from my sleep. A pair of beautiful blue eyes are incredibly close to me. There's not an inch of space between me and him. He grins and leans up to kiss my forehead, I groan and hide my face in the pillow. "C'mon babe! I wanna go shopping!" I whine and glance at him, pouting. "Don't do that to me Char! You know I need clothes for tour." My smile fades, my face falling as he mentions when we'll part. His smile fades too as fresh tears appear in my eyes. "Oh Char...I didn't mean to...you know we're strong...we'll get through this and more!" He wraps his arms around my body and pulls me into his strong chest. I cry into his t-shirt as he rubs my head soothingly. Once I'm out of tears, he leans down and kisses my lips softly, dragging out my bottom lip between his teeth. "C'mon, some shopping will make you feel better, we can even grab a frappe if you like." This wakes me up enough to spring out of bed and crawl over to his closet. Our three month anniversary is tomorrow so I started staying at Louis' full time and I even moved in most of my clothes. I grab a pair of blue denim shorts and a red plaid shirt. I tie the shirt up a little so you can see my pierced belly button, I slip on my pink Vans and pull my hair into a messy bun with hairs falling out the sides. I flick a mascara brush on my lashes before a thin line of black eyeliner. I splash a layer of pink gloss on my lips before turning back to Louis, he's lying back on the headboard with his arms wrapped behind his head. He's smirking and looking me up and down, "Uh earth to Louis?!" I wave my hands in front of his face, he chuckles. "Sorry Char but you're just so mesmerizing!" He winks as I playfully hit him on the arm. He stands up in front of me, so close my nose is touching his chest- yes I am actually that small beside him. He looks down at me pouting with a considerate look, "What?" I ask self-consciously. He hides his grin and steps back to inspect my outfit, "I like your outfit but..." He pauses, "But what?" I reply impatiently. He steps closer so he's breathing down on me. Grabbing the ends of my shirt, he draws even closer and speaks to me in a seductive hushed tone. "I'd prefer you with nothing at all." He then pulls my shirt off, leaving me shirtless in just a bra. I shiver and squeal, "Louis! It's freezing!" He throws his head back laughing and places his hands either side of my body, "How about now?" I squirm and fight under his cold grasp, "LOUIS! Your hands are FREEZING!" I scream, he laughs and lifts me up. I wrap my legs around his waist and cling to his body as he tries to playfully throw me onto the bed. "LOUIS!" I squeal and kick. He places me down on the bed and pulls off his shirt, standing over me on the bed. He kneels down and hovers in the position as if he's about to start doing pushups. He leans down and kisses me softly before jumping up and pulling me up with him. "Lets go!" He swings open the door and grabs my hand to leave, I squeal as Harry passes by. He stops and looks at Louis shirtless, he starts walking again until he spots me shirtless. He grins and looks me up and down before winking and walking off again. I drag Louis back in and fold my arms across my chest, "So Mr. Smartass, what do you propose I wear?" I raise an eyebrow dramatically. He smirks and swings open his wardrobe, grabbing a hanger and pulling the jumper off of it. He carefully inspects the jumper before walking closer, "I want you to wear this jumper today, tomorrow and the next day, this is special to me and so are you. I want my two special things with me today and everyday." He kisses my forehead and turns around, "Louis what are you doing?" I laugh, he still remains with his back to me, "Waiting for you to put it on, y'know...privacy." I can hear the smile in his voice, I laugh and reply sarcastically. "Because you didn't see me naked before." There's a silent pause before he replies, "You know, you actually might be right for once." He turns around and lifts me up in his arms, "Hey! I'm offended!" He laughs and puts me down, I slip the shirt on that he gave me which actually compliments my curves. Louis grabs a different shirt and slips it over his head before grabbing his keys, phone and wallet and stuffing them in the back pocket of the jeans he just slipped on. He watches me spray perfume on my neck and grab my purse, I smile at him as he wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me out the door, "LET'S GO SHOPPING!" He shouts, his voice bellowing throughout the massive house. Harry peeks his head from around a different door, "Hey can I come?" Louis continues leading me towards the stairs and without turning back he replies, "Not today Hazza! I have my girl with me!" He gives me a quick peck before we leave.

*End of flashback.*

I keep my face buried in the shirt. I really didn't need to remember that, the door swings open.

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