Better Left Untold.

This is a story better left untold. This is a story, of the oldest woman alive.
With the appearance of a twenty one year old she has the whole world, or atleast london where she lives, fooled that she is young Newspaper journalist Faye Harret.
She is not Faye, She is not twenty one,
She is something else.


1. Chapter One-Perk Of The Curse

My name is Clarise Jennloldas. I was born in 1714. How, you ask? I was cursed with the gift. A gift of a long life. The problem was, it had a few downsides. The sun would cause me immediate migranes that where unbearable most of the time. If i got close to people, they died, all of them. I couldnt eat anything other than, well, lets get to that later.  

I went through the box of fake I'd, passports, drivers licences and debit cards. I smiled finding the ones that read out Faye, my current identity. 

Im not sure if theres other's out there like me, but as far as i know, i am the oldest and richest person on this planet. I've had such an influence on history, Im famous to every single person who opened a history book. But you wouldnt know that. Have you heard of Boudica? Eva Peron? Tomyris? Ill leave you with that.

I walked to the bathroom, wondering if my scar from last night's fight was still there. Lets just say a man pulled a knife on me while i was walking home. That was his last mistake

My fingers drew across my face, as i stared into my own deep green eyes, at the sight of the mirror. "Wow." I gasped out, running the cold fingertips across my pale, perfect cheekbones. I came out of my own hypnotics and grabbed my comb, dragging  it through the endless knots, through my dirty blonde hair. I walked down my flat's hallway to my bedroom. Painted light green, my favorite  color, i danced along my walls to the sound of my radio.

I pulled a skirt that went just to my mid thigh, a white button up t shirt, and a  Black blazer that matched my skirt. I got dressed quickly, grabbing my phone checking the time.  Ten twenty three. I was already late" oh well, ill take my time" i spoke softly to myself. 

I edged myself to the window of my bedroom. I slightly drew the curtains. "Fuck, thats bright!" I shouted out to myself, closing the curtain. A rush came to my head and i winced in pain. 

I heard irregular breathing. "Andy." I whispered to myself, grabbing my sunglasses, and purse.

Andy was a boy i met last year. He was sweet, funny, my bestfriend, yet he only knew me as Faye, I wonder if i could ever tell him. I placed my sunglasses over my sensitive eyes, Opening the door to Andy, who hasnt even knocked ." Faye, you always do that, its creepy!" He smiled engulfing me in a hug. 

It was sad to think, soon i would have to leave him behind, sometime within the next two years..

"Ready ?" He smiled at me, I nodded following him out of my flat. walking out in to the bright world, that ive known for far too long.

We walked along the dusty london streets to the Metro Newspaper building, where we both worked. walking up the twenty stairs to the doors, i held it for Andy. " Thanks, love." and another man, who seemed grumpy, and shot me a glare. " Asshole." i whispered, leaving Andy to head up the three sets of stairs, to my boss's office. 

"Faye, youre late again!" My boss boomed through a thick puff of smoke. " Sir?" I spoke causing him to look into my deep eyes. " I was not late, You will not fire me, i am a valuable employee and you wish to give me a raise." I spoke, clearly, while not blinking. I knocked my fist onto his desk, bringing him out of my trance. " Oh yes, sorry, well Faye i've got good news. i think you're a valuable employee and i'd like to give you a raise!" He grinned widley, having no idea it was my thoughts that planned out his.

"Thank you sir." I shot him a sweet smile, and left his office to my desk.

Now you're probably wondering. How did i do that? Lets just say its a perk of a curse. I was also fast, not humanly fast. I could run about 150 km an hour without a drop of sweat. I could break through a cement wall without a bruised knuckle, I could see over five miles away,.and i could hypnotize one person, or groups at a time, without you ever having an idea. 

I could have you under my control right now.

I smiled sitting at my desk. I scrolled through my computer when suddenly Andy ran to me. " THEY"RE HERE!!" He shouted, pulling me from my desk, to the large window a few metres away. I winced as the sun hit me. When andy pointed down to a group of screaming girls, and a large crowd, i smiled focusing in on the five men that had andy in a heap of fits. 

One direction, They arouse my curiosity. I knew what i wanted know. I always fancied the blonde one. And i wanted him. I took andy's hand and walked down the stairs. " Faye, we cant just walk up to them and hope we get through! Theres hundreds of people down there, and like ten security guards!" he whispered. " Andy, how long have you known me?" I spoke calmly taking a short breath with each step. " A bit over a year. " He awnsered and i nodded, hoping he would understand,

He shrugged. "You've known me long enough to know I always get what i want."

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