Elsie has always been invisable to those around her, so she decides to runaway. She finds a big abandoned flat, but another person has had the same idea.


1. Invisable

I sat in my seat and stared at Ash, the boy I've had a crush on since year three. He swiped his jet black hair off his face as he walked into the classroom. A few minutes later our teacher, Mr Fisher, walked in and wrote a sum on the board,

"What's the answer?" he asked and my hand immediatly shot up like it did in every class at every question. I was the geek in the class. After an hour of maths the bell went and I picked up my bag and took my homework from Mr Fisher and as always I saw I had two pages more than everyone else as extra homework. I walked into the hall and people pushed past me and no one said "see you tomorrow," "bye," and that's because I am invisible to everyone, even some of the people in my class have no idea who I am and if you haven't realized no -one likes me.

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