Georgia Anne Rose

Georgia was a normal girl who loves the boys of One Direction.One day she is at a bar when someone taps on her shoulder.She is invited on tour with someone very special but thinks she wont have any problems.Is she right or wrong?Find out in this ride of a story.


10. Fun At The Beach Becomes A Disaster

When we walked in the boys were in their swim shorts."Awwww and you didn't invite me!!"I pouted then I started to fake cry making them all crowd and try and cheer me up.

''Baby don't cry.''Niall cried

''We didn't know you would be back so soon''Zayn said looking at his watch.

''Love,no one likes to see you cry,please.''Harry whispered in a low voice.

''Carrot princess please stop I'll share my carrots with you.''Louis said keeping in a laugh because the guys all gasped since he never shared his carrots.

''I'll watch Toy Story with you over again and you can come with us.''Liam spoke.I couldn't hold it.I fell to the ground laughing making the boys confused.I got up and kissed Niall before running up the stairs to our hotel rooms.

''I'll be down just have to change for the beach!"I screamed behind me.

                                                                          ~Harry's POV~

I watched as her hair bounced on her shoulders.I have tried loving her as a friend or a crush but I always see her as a sister and that is how Zayn sees her too.The others love her but it makes me and him mad when they say that.She came down in a rainbow zebra bikini and I couldn't bare to see this one guy who walked in hit on her.She was walking down the stairs and she almost slipped when ''Prince Charming''came out of no where.Me,Zayn,and Niall were red.Before anyone could react Niall ran and grabbed Georgia and me and Zayn told him to keep his hands off because she has a boyfriend and 4 bodyguards who are also her best friends.I noticed he was holding a paper with her number on it.It also had a little note but I couldn't read it.I must have been staring for a while because he shoved the paper in his pocket and walked outside.

"Why were you walking with him and why did you give him your number!!!"I shouted.It scared her.You could tell,she tried to speak but broke down in real tears.Just then she bolted to her and Niall's room with the only key they had.We ran after her and told her things.True things like I didn't mean that and we were scared and so many more.She finally came out but wouldn't talk to me.

                                                                       ~Niall's POV~

It hurt to see Georgia not talking to Harry because he was protecting her.It had been a week and she still hadn't broke.We all were watching a movie before we got a knock of the door.Georgia wanted to get it but I beat her to it so she went to the couch with the rest.When I opened the door I got surprised by who it was.

                                                                     ~Georgia's POV~

Everyone thinks I'm mad at Harry but I want explain who he was.When Niall came in a pretty girl was following him.I thought of Alexis and stood up."Who is this Niall?''I said a little annoyed and the rest of me was bloody mad.

"I'm Gemma Harry's sister.''She said.I nodded and grabbed Niall puling him on the couch so we could resume watching Toy Story 3.I had cooled down but I needed her to leave so I could explain who he was while we were in a group still. Gemma was going to stick around for awhile so I guess I would do it there.

"He was my best friend for 15 years."I said and everyone looked at me funny except for Gemma.She excused herself to the kitchen so we all could talk."His name is Austin Mahone,we had been friends since we were 3 and a half years old.I ran into him and he had offered to walk me down to my BOYFRIEND and BEST FRIENDS because he wanted to catch up.I gave him my number because I wanted to talk to him again and I want to be his bfflad again and that means best friends forever life and death.I wrote a note that said 'Can't wait to hang out like old times Austin.I've missed you like coconut crazy :P'And then I almost fell and now he won't text me or respond to the text I've been texting him."I said almost crying because of how much I miss him and his corny jokes.I always thought I had a crush on him so we tried going out but it had gotten weird so we agreed to be friends unless force brought us together.After we talked about it me and Harry forgave each other.

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