Together or not at all

Luke Hemmings One Shot with a little 1D =]


1. Together or not at all

I gripped tightly to the tickets as I cued outside the Koko, the past few months planning finally falling into play. I had looked at the tickets every night, crossing off the little block on my calendar, awaiting the day I would finally see Luke again. It was a surprise, Calum helped me plan the whole thing. I never wanted to tell any of the other boys but I thought it best if I were unsuccessful in getting tickets. But, surprisingly I managed to get some before they sold out. 
I lifted up on my tiptoes to see how far away from the doors I was, it felt like miles away. I longed to see Luke, I hadn’t seen him since they left to go back to Australia and the past few months had been lonely without him. 
I was from the UK, I lived in London working 3 jobs just to keep myself a float while studying. It was hard work, but those nights I crawled up into the warm sheets with Luke made it all worth it. 
I had Louis to thank, if he hadn’t taken me to the show in Yorkshire I might never have met Luke…and I most definitely might not have been alive. The boy saved my life, moments with him made everything dark seem a little lighter. He was my light.

As I waited in the midst of the November weather I remembered back to the first time Louis had taken me backstage. An experience was an understatement, but most definitely worth every little bit of time I had spent their. Being with them from the beginning, like most of the fans was an honour. Seeing them grow, watching them find their feet…watching them achieve almost every impossible goal they set. 
The best part of the whole experience was seeing the fans that had VIP tickets. the sparkles on their faces, the tears of pure happiness they cried meeting the boys. They were truly an inspiration to so many people, and having my own fan Tumblr and Twitter I knew how much these boys meant to the world. They were people’s world. 
I smiled to myself huddling tighter into the jacket I was wearing as we slowly moved forwards in the line. A few more steps and I was finally at the front, Phil standing holding out his hand for my ticket. I smiled, cocking his eyebrow while he punched my ticket and stamped my hand.
“You have fun, yeah.” He chuckled as I walked in.

The warmth of the arena was sudden, but invited. Wandering over to where people were hanging up coats and handing in bags I searched for Calum, he said he would meet me around this area but due to the large amount of squealing girls I doubted he would come out. I sighed, handing over my coat to the guy standing behind the counter. Most of the girls had disappeared by now so I quickly sent Calum a text informing him of where exactly I was. My chest rose and fell a little faster than usual, breathes staggering from my lips.
“You alright, love?” 
I turned at the sound of the voice to find the same guy smiling wildly down at me.
“Yeah, yeah wonderful. Just waiting for someone.” 
I kept searching for Calum, something that now seemed impossible. The man behind the counter chuckled at my unstable state, probably assuming I was some crazy fangirl. 
“Well the show doesn’t start for another hour and half, so you can just hang here if you like?!” still smiling, saying it in more of a demanding tone.
“Okay, until Cal comes.” I agreed, returning his smile with a little one.
I felt so uncomfortable sitting awkwardly at the checkout desk with a stranger. After finding out my age he brought me a drink from the bar, even though the bar wasn’t serving alcohol tonight. But, I admit it was a lovely gesture and I was pretty thirsty.

A while passed before my phone buzzed in my hand, a text from Calum claiming to be on his way. The excitement bubbled inside my chest, the same jiggered breathing except this time it was filled with pure happiness. The seconds drew out, waiting for Calum was torture. All I wanted was to see Luke, and Calum was making damn sure to take his time. Tease, I thought taking another sip of my drink. 
“Who are you waiting for anyway?” 
“Calum.” I simply stated.
“As in the band boy Calum that’s playing tonight?”
“Yes, what’s your problem?”
“Nothing, just think you’ve had a little too much to drink.” He smirked.
I scoffed turning my back to him sipping a little bit more of my coke. A few seconds passed and I saw someone in a hooded jacket walking up to where I was sitting. A large grin spread across my face, it was Calum…I knew it was him. 
“There you are!” I didn’t waste any time in wrapping my arms around his neck, I had missed him.  
“Oh please, you took almost an hour.”
“Wanna see Lukey now, or after?” he grinned nudging my chin up so I was facing him. I sniffled, trying to pull my face away from him but he resisted chuckling at my sudden soppy state.
“I want to see him now. Right now.” 
He draped an arm over my shoulder keeping me close and keeping us hidden in the darkness of the wall. There were more girls that previous, all conversing about the boys and their music and contemplating whether or not they will sing a new song. 
a few more steps and we were out of the main arena and in a passage, a cold passage. I could hear loud laughter and I grew even more anxious with the passing seconds. Calum stopped in front of a white wooden door, smiling down at me with a nod.
“You okay?”
“Nervous, I haven’t seen him in forever.”
“You’ll be fine, babe. He adores you, won’t shut up about you.” I blush at his words. “He misses you more every day.”
“I do too, Cal.” A tear slips down my cheek as I remember the strength I had to show while he wasn’t here. It had been terrible the past few months, loneliness surrounded me every night and the simple things became impossible. I craved just a tiny touch, that kiss when we wake up, the nights cuddled up by the fire. I missed it all, all of him.

The wooden door clicked open and loud shouting emerged. Calum strolled in to grab Luke while I patiently waited against the wall. I listened to Calum, Luke sounded confused as to why he needed to come out into the hall when there was no need to, but Calum being Calum shoved him out. 
a smile grew on my face as he appeared, the tears in my eyes tumbling down my cheeks like avalanches. Luke’s back was facing me, still oblivious to my presence. He patted his singlet down ruffling his blonde hair between his fingers letting go of a sigh. 
“Lukey…” I gently hummed.
His head snapped up unsure of whether what he heard was real or just his imagination. I repeated his name again stepping towards him when he finally turned. His baby blues shone into mine, lips widening every second. 
“Baby.” He whispered.
Luke lifted his hands up to my face, the pads of his thumbs rubbing against my cheeks wiping away my tears. I swung my arms around his neck pulling him into me, I couldn’t wait any longer, i needed him to hold me. Luke’s arms instinctively hoisted me up pressing me into his chest. I was home. 
“I missed you so much.” He said in a shaky tone, trying to hold back his tears.
The fans didn’t know about us, and I kind of liked it like that but at times I wished I was able to point out in the crowd and tell the world Luke was my boyfriend and that Luke, was the one I was in love with.

He placed me on the ground, his hands returning to cupping my face. I twirled the little ringlets of blonde hair at the back of his neck around my fingers looking into his eyes as he lowered. Luke stopped just before my lips, I could feel his hot breath fanning out across my face. I wasn’t sure what was going on, and although I wanted him to kiss me, I also wanted to stay in this moment gazing into his eyes for a rather long time. 
A little peck was placed upon my lips, tingles washing over my whole body before those same lips were returned, igniting a fire inside me. Luke passionately moved his mouth with my own, slowly devouring everything each other had missed over the past few months. 
Our mouths separated and we were back to gazing at each other, both wildly smiling. I pecked his lips hard before nuzzling my head into the crook of his neck taking in his scent.
“I missed you too.” I whispered squeezing tightly.
“You told me you weren’t able to come, that you were working?!” 
“I wanted to surprise you, Luke.” 
He tightly hugged me to his chest, our heartbeats thumping in sync like they always did. A beautiful sound. Luke settled me down, wiping his eyes and ruffling his hair again before opening the door into the dressing room. The others looked gobsmacked to see me, Calum perched up on the sofa with the biggest smirk playing on his lips. Ashton hurried over lifting me up, his cute little laugh ringing in my ears. Michael was next, as usual not to emotional but I knew he was glad to see me. Ashton’s girlfriend, one of my best friends, wandered over shaking her head.
“I can’t believe you and Calum managed to keep this from us.” she giggled.
“Good to see you too, love.” I grinned hugging her.
Luke was over by Calum flopped on the sofa, as pre-show methods always went they would jam out to a rap artist, usually Michael’s choice. 
But at this backstage pre-show warm-up Luke had me taped to his side, arm securely around my waist hugging me close. As we sat I looked up at him, his smile beamed as he laughed unaware I was watching. After a short moment his eyes rested on mine and a small kiss pressed to my forehead, fingers laced together in an unbreakable bond. “Together, or not at all.” He whispered shocking me as he quoted one of the lines from my favourite show. I smiled to myself watching our hands knowing that backstage with Luke was where I was meant to be. 

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