so different....

and irish girl constantly moving country due to her dad finds herself in a place where she meets someone from her past and is quite surprised!


24. will you?

the next morning i woke up on the couch with a blanket over me i must have fallen asleep while we were watching the tv. i got up and went into the kitchen i smelt food and it smelt good. i walked in and i saw my dad cooking bacon and stuff " good morning sweet heart" he smiled. " good morning to you to, it smells so good" i replied. i set the table and i saw a sleepy zack stumbled down the stairs. " i smell food" he groaned. " well sit down and we'll get it for you bro" i smiled. we put the food on the table and ate in silence because we were so into eating our food when i was done i got up and put my plate in the dishwasher. i was about to leave when my dad said " hurry and get ready i have a suprise for you!" he winked at me and i went on my way again.

i had a shower, got dressed, put my hair in a messy bun and put some light makeup on. i walked down the stairs and zack and my dad were waiting for me "well its about time" zack mumbled. we all got in the car i didnt even bother to ask where we were going because i knew they wouldnt tell me our family was good at keeping secrets. especially our own. we pulled into this car park and dad walked me over to this big black range rover with black and red wheels " happy graduation" the chanted.

"omb are you fucking serious?!?!" i turned to them and then back to the car they nodded and i hugged them both " oh my gosh thank you thank you thank you thank you!" i yelled. dad handed me the keys to it and said " i am giving this to you because it is well deserved andi trust you to be responsible" he winked at me and i got in the car it smelt so good, i love the smell of new cars. zack got in the other side "where to?" i asked. " well could you drop me to leilas i wanna go see her?" he asked. " yeah sure anything for you bro" i replied and i dropped him off at her house then i went to go see justin. 

i knocked on his front door he came to answer it "hey baby" i smiled " im sorry i bailed last night" i threw my arms around his neck and kissed his lips. " its ok i had alfredo and stuff over so i wasnt completely alone. "whos car is that?" he asked. " its mine i got it as a graduation present from my dad!" i said. i grabbed his hand and with the other closed the front door and pulled him to the car and we both got in. "its nice isnt it?". "yeah it is" he replied " so i have something to ask you" i nodded at him telling him to carry on. "well i was wondering if you would like to come to canada with me and then to vegas and you'll be back in a week?" he continued. i looked at him and told him that i would love to join him. i spent the rest of the day with him and told me that if i could go that we were leaving tomorrow. 

i went home that night and asked my dad and to my suprise he said yeah. i was so excited i ran upstairs to pack and then got into bed.


so guys im guessing this story is awful because no ones commenting and stuff so i might just stop writing it :// 

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