is about maybe why has it so many different meaning, why we have a word such as maybe instead of just yes and no ?


1. A poem

Is that a thing somebody use to say
but what is maybe, is just a word or can it be more?
wonder every day in my room thinking about that word. 

She said maybe later to me, but is a chance then or did i miss my chance
i can be sure to do the right thing when i just get a maybe from you? 
i still thinking of it.

How wil the world be with out have a word such as maybe
only can we say yes and no, will the world be different? 
Why is so hard to find out.

Maybe i only have to live with it
but can i find out what it means ? 
wanna see the meaning you gave to me with the word maybe.

Now i still not see what maybe is
but you told it was good when you said maybe to me
but i still thinking of why you just said yes or no the day i asked you.


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