with her feelings delicate as small glass figurines and her scars as prominent and visible as a bright neon car diving down the street, she had no choice but to become guarded. to over analyze every thought and action before actually carrying them out, knowing someone for years before actually trusting them. only if they're lucky will she tell them what happened when she was younger, but even then she's guarded about the simplest of things. she doesn't trust just anyone, she doesn't do without thinking, and she doesn't love. ever.

but then he showed up.


1. peview!

 hey guys! just a quick ote this is only a preview I don't even have a name or description yet so when I am fully finished with the story have everything set up I'll post it unless i'm ready before then! Thanks guys I cant wait to give more this story will be really good I promise you'll like it!!!!!!!





                           My mouth was dry; it had the weirdest taste almost like metallic, my ears were on fire and every sense I had was tingling. I was huddled in the corner wrapped up in a heavy white wool blanket draped over my slightly chubby shoulders as I watched the scene play out in front of me. I watched as their shadows danced across the popcorn ceiling mockingly, the sounds were angry and rueful as they fought back and forth over the guitar, over and over again they played tug of war with the beautiful black and white instrument. I didn’t know what to think, my mind was battling back and forth with my emotions, one minute I was scared and the next I had an unexpected adrenaline rush rage through me. I didn’t fully know how to handle the situation; they seemed to be like this a lot. After all he was Bipolar, schizophrenic, mentally damaged from his childhood, his whole life really. He was plain and simply unpredictable.  I cringed when I saw one shadow free the guitar from the others grasp quickly slamming it against the hard concrete flooring in the house, the neck splintered and the strings popped up slamming into his face as the rest of the guitar laid on the ground broken in half. My body jumped Goosebumps rose up across my arms racing to my hand and around the rest of my skin, covering every inch. Chills ran down my spine and I suddenly felt colder as if it was snowing inside the house as they fought. But my eyes were drawn to something, it wasn’t the man who had started howling in pain but to the broken shadow of the guitar, my body slightly shivering from the temperature and from the emotions I felt, as they mixed themselves together dangerously bottling them up. The woman’s shadow ran towards the angry male who had dropped to his knees cupping his face in his hands, reveling from the pain that was spiraling through his face and down through every nerve ending he had igniting his blood to rush faster and the adrenaline to pump quicker than ever before. I was frozen, I remember closing my eyes and whishing it had all just been a dream, a demented dream that I’d soon wake up from. I’d run down the stairs and see them sitting happily at the dining room table eating breakfast an extra plate set aside for me. But it wasn’t, that isn’t reality. This is, always has been always will be.


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