Niall One-Shots

Bunch of Niall One-Shots! Exerpt: “Niall let’s get out now. I’m tired.” I murmur in his ear once more.
“No, you’re jealous.” He whispers back. “And I like it.”
“You’re gonna pay.” I mumble, but he doesn’t hear me as yet another girl comes squawking questions to him and asking for a hug.
“Hey Niall isn’t she Harry’s girl?” One of them suddenly exclaims, pointing me. Niall’s smile briefly drops, but then he’s grinning again, coming over to me.
“No, she’s my girlfriend.” Niall presses, before kissing me in front of everyone. Whoa there. Niall smiles on my lips as he hears the awws the girls make. He pulls back. “She and Harry are just very good friends, right Sophie?”
“Right.” I nod, rolling my eyes. “Friends with benefits.” I seethe in his ear. He takes absolutely no notice of my comment, pursuing with his hugging session.

The author has rated this movella as red, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 16.
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