The Secrets Book

Annabelle, Glimmer, Megan, Nelly, Sophie and Tina are best friends. The kind of best friends who are more like sisters. They can do anything for each other and they can do anything in front of each other. Each one of them has her special traits, talents and beauty, and each one of them is special in her own way. Most of them are strong, and if not physically, by their personalities.
After Megan gets back from Italy and the other five go to the airport to bring her home, they spend some more time together. It's summer and they're sixteen, they're not the typical kind of sixteen-year-old girls who only care about their boyfriends, parties and dresses, they DO love parties and dresses but they also love adventures.


1. ONE


"All human life can be found in an airport."

-David Walliams 







We were all now at the airport, well except for Megan who we all came here for. Anna, Nelly, Tina, Sophie and I. We've been here for a while, because some delays in the plane Megan was taking were announced. The weather was excellent today, and I was wearing my white shirt with a blue scarf and a skinny jeans that matched my scarf's color. I don't really get why some people don't like to wear colorful pants, I find it quite fashionable, at least that's my style, everyone's got theirs. I know it's summer already, but the nights get chilly so I always bring a scarf with me. 

I look at the girls, they're sitting next to me. Tina's stuck to her mobile as usual, she has a perfect relationship with her mobile, when she's bored she immediately brings it out of her pocket and starts using it; mostly she chats with us, but when she's with us and she's still bored she either opens Instagram or Facebook or she just plays Candy Crush or flirts with some guy online. Tina was technically laying on the long bench, her head on Anna's lap.

Annabelle was silent, she was just looking at almost everyone in the airport, she likes watching people, I do too, but I think she takes it to a whole other level. She always tries to analyse their lives and think about them, that's why I like to sit next to her whenever we go to some park or whatever. Currently, she was watching a family members welcoming someone who just came out of the plane. She was smiling, and I don't have to wonder why, the family looked so happy, the mother was crying happily and a little kid was jumping up and down from excitement. I tried to be Anna for a moment and thought about that family. The father's probably been away for ages, probably to work, and now he's here again, and they're reunited, finally. Anna loves little kids, and she's really good with them, she'll be a great mother someday. 

Her face behind a manga book she was carrying, Nelly sat next to Anna, her back straight, her bag on her lap and one of her legs wrapped around the other. I'm not sure what she was reading, one of her manga books that I know nothing about, she was reading as if she wasn't in the airport. In fact, she looked like she was somewhere else. Completely lost from the moment, living in another world.

Sophie however, was not here, she asked me before a while to go shopping with her in the duty free, but I don't like shopping that much, especially not now, I'm so not in the mood for shopping. Tina hates shopping more than I do, but Megan likes it, that's one of the things that Sophie and Megan have in common, they both love shopping. At last she decided to go alone, and so she did. I don't even understand how a person can manage to go shopping alone, that's even more boring than going with someone else.

I realized I was getting myself busy by noticing what everyone else was doing, and I decided to walk for a bit and go to Starbucks and have a cappuccino cup. It's some kind of tradition that I do every time I go to the airport, it's gotta be cappuccino. 

"Do you girls want anything from Starbucks?" I asked the girls. Anna shook her head and Nelly didn't even do anything, as if she didn't hear me. "Nelly!" I call again. 

"Yeah?" She got her eyes away from the book and looked at me. 

"D'you want anything from Starbucks?" I repeated. 

"No thanks." Nelly says returning to her book. 

"I do!" Tina says. 

"The usual?" I ask Tina. 

"Yeah - you know what, I'll come with you." She said, putting her iPhone back in the back pocket of her white shorts. Tina always feels hot, whether it's winter or summer, and in summer it's even worse. She fixed her green shirt that said "SUMMER" and stood up, offering me her arm. We walked together to Starbucks.

"Good afternoon." I said. "I want one Grande Cappuccino with syrup."

"And I want one Venti, Captain Crunch Frappuccino." Tina said. 

"Alright, your names?" The girl working there asked.

"Glimmer and Tina." I said pointing at Tina and myself. 

"Alright it'll only take two minutes, so you can wait there." She said pointing at the seats behind us. We decided to walk instead of sitting down. 

"I really miss Megan." I said. 

"Yeah, me too. I hope the plane arrives soon." I nodded. After a while, the girl called out names and we took our cups and paid her then went back to the girls. The girls weren't where they had been however. They were standing by the 'arriving' people's area, there must have been an announcement that said Megan's plane had arrived, at least I hope so. We joined the girls, running and waited with them - until we finally saw her.





~ Author's Note ~


Hello there, readers! 

So, guess what? I decided to unpublish this movella and make a couple of changes and then continue writing it! I know, I know.. it's been too long, that's why I think you should start reading the Movella over again. I'm pretty sure you don't remember anything about it and that's your chance to remember it and continue reading it. 

I really hope you read it and like it! 


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