The Heat in You

The days of sucking blood are long gone. Beware the heat.

Dominic is the heat vampire prince. On the beach one day, he finds someone who he feels no heat from. What will he do to keep her?


1. The Heat in You

Dominic walked through the crowds on the beach, his hand trailing over the bare skin. Shivers shuddered through his victims. Warm, warm, warmer, warmest. Skin temperature.

Dominic stopped cold, no pun intended. Who wasn’t warm? His hands were cold as ice, causing shivers to go down everyone he touched. But he’d felt nothing from someone he had just touched. His mate.

“The heat vampires are out today, honey. Be careful. Keep the cover up on.”
“Mom! I’m wearing a one piece swim suit, not a bikini. I’m not that dumb.”

The conversation bit caught Dominic’s ears. She had been wearing a cover-up; he’d touched her arm. Closing his eyes, he recreated the touch in his head. Purple cover-up, black hair, fair skin.

Opening his eyes again, he spotted her quickly. The purple cover-up was shed to reveal a black one piece bathing suit with polka-dotted straps. She was rather cute. The black hair and fair skin he’d seen in his head only started her beauty. Her eyes were a cute blue shade, and it really showed off her black hair, which was done up in a braid to keep it out of her face.

Dominic inched closer, letting his fingers trail across other people for warmth. She wouldn’t feel it anyway, but it made him feel better. His heart was pounding faster than he could grab the heat!

“Heat vampire!”

Someone called him out, and the people parted away from him. The girl he was looking for looked up.

“Go away. I’ve never thought heat vampires were cool.”

“Oh, I’m no heat vampire, miss.”

“Then why are people backing away from you?”

“I have a rep.”

“So I see.”

“The name’s Dominic.”


“Nice to meet you.”

“You too.”

“Would you like to join me for lunch, Arabella?”

“I just ate.”

Her tone hit ice. She could be a heat vampire for all he knew. The icy tone could do the job.

“Why the icy tone?”

“I don’t like peepers.”

“I’m no peeper, Arabella.”

“Grab that heat vampire!”

Dominic and Arabella both looked towards the last voice.

“Dad! Dominic is not a heat vampire.”

“Shake my hand then, Dominic.”

“I’d rather not, sir.”

“Shake. It.”

“Alright, I’ll shake it.”

“How can you not feel the icy hand, Ari?”

“She’s my mate. And I will do anything to keep her safe. You have my word.”

Unfortunately, Arabella’s father shook his head. Dominic saw police men coming towards him with gloves. He turned to Arabella, grabbed her waist, and jumped.

Up, up, up and away they went. The top of a building met their feet.

“What the heck are you doing, Dominic?”

“What I need to, Ari.”

He pecked her cheek and jumped again. This time they landed in a cave. Three others looked up. Two guys and a girl. Another pair of mates. The girl and one of the guys were heat vampires as well.

“A new heat source, Dominic?”

“For you two. Like Lucas there, she’s my mate. I feel nothing.”

“Meaning what, Dominic? I’m not following.”

“A heat vampire, as you must know, sucks the heat from people. When we find mates, we feel no heat. Lucas and I are mates, and apparently you and Dominic there are mates as well. A mate fit for a prince, no doubt.”

“A-A prince who just kidnapped me!”

“With this rap sheet we have, it’s kind of necessary at first. Lucas here went through the same thing.”

“Yup. My parents finally got around the bump in the road of her being a heat vamp, and we’re getting hitched soon.”

“That’s great, Lucas!”

“Thanks, Dominic.”

Dominic turned to look at Arabella. She was shaking, but not from a heat sucking. From fear. He gently took her hand in his.

“Arabella, please.”

“You’re all freaks! Let me go home.”

“I’m afraid that can’t happen until your parents see how well I will take care of you.”

“I have school next week!”

“I will escort you there, Arabella, as well as here. You’re my mate, and I’m not going to let you go.”

He wrapped his arms around her waist, but Arabella pushed him away. Dominic sighed.

“I understand you’re upset, Arabella, but you have to try to see it from our point of view. We’re revolted in this town, seen as a vermin.”

“Which is really what you are. Kidnapping? Let me go home!”

“Arabella, please.”

“Dominic, you have no idea how much trouble you’re in at the moment!”


“Dominic, stop it right there. I am leaving.”

Arabella attempted to leave, but one look around for her made her realize she had no clue where they were.

“Where are we?”

“Town’s just a mile north, Arabella. If you really want to go-”

“I’m going.”

She walked out.

“Man, Dominic. You were so calm.”

“Blythe, I’m the prince. I have to be.”

“Congrats, Dominic.”

“I’m not engaged yet, Lucas.”

“You have a chance. Listen.”


Arabella’s voice echoed to Dominic’s ears. Racing to help, Dominic found her at the mercy of wolves.

“Back, vermin! Back.” Dominic took a wolf bite to the chest for Arabella. She fled back to the cave.

After a struggle with the wolves, Dominic finally staggered back into the cave. His chest, shoulders, and left leg had all taken bites, and were now bleeding. Someone caught him as the world went dark. If anything, he’d finally proven that the heat vampires weren’t all bad for Arabella…hadn’t he?

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