Turn Around (The coldest girl in Coldtown competition)

Did you ever feel like you were being watched, like the monster under your bed isn't just a childhood fear. Well you're right.

They hide in the darkness and the shadows, they hunt you till your back is against the wall and there is no where left to run. They feed off your fear, and rejuvenate themselves with your blood. They are the undead.

There is a way to survive, they will not harm you if you know they are their, It's their only law, their only rule. So if you want to stay alive. Turn around.


2. Home Sweet Home

Salem, Massachusetts. Home of the Salem witch trials and even worse, home to my father. Garrett Davir, he's best at most thing, the only thing he ever failed at was being a father. 

My mother had tried everything he could, but all my father had ever cared for was his job and his crazy witch idea. As a young girl my best memories of him were him leaning over a book and telling me he was too busy to spend time with me because he had to study some sort of ancient runes. 

The town was probably the most depressing place I had ever seen, the sky was corpse grey and the trees looked like they were about to collapse in on themselves. The buildings looked so dull and outdated it was a wonder if anyone actually went to them. 

I sighed and turned back to my phone which was playing a broadcast of the local news stories. 

A miss Danielle Michelle Richter was found dead three night ago in the back Ally near the old where houses.She was said to have been found with her throat half ripped out. 

Her mother reported her missing twenty four hours after her disappearance and it is said that the young 23 year old's memorial service will be held at Davir Hall at seven pm Monday evening. 

Oh great, I was moving to a place where people were killed like wild animals. The joys of living with your father for a few months. 

"So where am I dropping you kid?" The cab driver asked, looking back at me through the sheet of glass that separated us. 

Back in Chicago would be nice, I thought to myself before answering the driver.

"Just drop me at the first gate at the Davir estate." I mumbled looking out the window. Everything just seemed blurry, it hurt my eyes to look out the window for more than a few seconds. When I looked back the driver he was staring back with wide eyes and his moth was shaped into the prefect 'O' shape. 

"The Davir estate? You know old man Davir?" The cabbie asked. My first reaction was to say no, he was a perfect stranger to me. My second was to laugh and say that I hadn't known the man since before I was two years old. Instead I settled on option three.

"He's my dad." I explained with a false smile. Maybe if I put up a good front, I'd get out of this hell hole quicker.

"Little girl your dad owns most of this town. The Davir's are old money in this town."  He went on, yeah like I didn't already know that. What part of, I'm his daughter, was too difficult to understand?I ignored him for the rest of the journey and when he stopped at my father's gate I paid him what I owed and high tailed it out of there. 

The gates loomed before me, dark and creepy and dull. Home sweet home.

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