One Direction's Little Sister

World famous popstar, Harry Styles, is shocked to learn that his mum is getting married. 13 year old Sienna is excited to learn that her dad is getting married. But when Sienna finds out that her new step brother is actually Harry Styles, how will she react? And when their parents disappear, how can the boys look after a young teenager, when they can barely look after themselves?


1. I Choked On My Drink.

Hey Guys! 

For the sake of this story, can we imagine that Harry's mum didn't remarry, and after divorcing Harry's dad when Harry was 7, they lived alone. The story takes place in the present time.


Harry's POV; 

"Harry, get your fat ass out of bed now! The boys are here to pick you up!" 

I lifted my head from the pillow and groaned. Looking at the alarm clock, I saw it was 9:30. Damn, I was late. I hopped into the shower and got dressed. The rest of the boys were downstairs watching TV by the time I came downstairs.  

"Finally." muttered Liam. 

I stuck my tongue out at him and took the slice of toast from my mum.  

"Harry, if you want to get to the theme park before everyone else, then get your coat and get in the car. C'mon guys." said Liam again. I quickly shoved the toast in my mouth and grabbed my stuff before saying bye to my mum. All 5 of us piled into the big Range Rover.

"WE'RE HERE!" yelled Liam. I guess he was sick of us already because he'd turned the radio up really loud to block out our fighting noises. I guess you could say we were slightly... difficult while on car journeys. Louis, being Louis, rammed the door open and jumped out. Unfortunately, we all jumped at the same time and ended up on the floor as a big pile of boy. Liam rolled his eyes and helped us up, before giving the ticket lady some money and dragging us into the entrance.

We went on most of the rides before stopping for lunch. I could see there were a lot of fans around but we'd tweeted that we wanted a day off so none of them bothered us. We queued by the food stand, and I ordered a sandwich and coke, Louis had a burger, Zayn and Liam had hotdogs, and Niall had all three. We sat, ate and chatted. I checked my phone for any messages and I had received a text.

From: Ma: Hey baby, I have some exciting news to tell you when you get home! No, I'm not pregnant. Are the boys still coming for dinner? - Mum x

I showed the boys the text and they laughed. "Yeah, we're still coming," said Liam, "if you idiots behave." he finished, turning to Louis and Niall who were trying to put food down each others tops. Their heads snapped up and they instantly stopped. Niall especially was in love with my mums cooking.

It was nearly 4pm and we were nearly finished. We only had one more ride to go on - 'Lightning'. Our eyes followed the track and we gulped.

"I'm not scared" said Louis, but it sounded like he was trying to convince himself as well as us. 


My mum looked extremely happy when we walked in. She was sitting on the sofa, with...a man? Who was this guy and why was my mum snuggling up to him? The boys were as confused as me.

"Harry, boys, this is Jacob. Jacob, this is my son Harry and his 4 best friends, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn." Jacob smiled pleasantly and shook all of our hands.

"I don't mean to be rude, but what are you doing here?" I questioned him. He looked slightly taken aback, and gave my mum a haven't-you-told-him-yet look.

"Harry, I'm your mums fiancé, I'm going to be your stepdad."


Sienna's POV

My dad had gone out somewhere. I'd woken up only an hour ago, and he'd left a note on the kitchen table for me.


I'm going out for a few hours. I had exciting news for you, when I get home. Don't go back to bed, you've been there the whole day. There's money for pizza under this note. Love you babycakes. 

Dad xx'

I took the money and phone for pizza. I hooked my iPod up to some speakers and played music full blast. I put in on the One Direction playlist. They're my favourite band in the world. I had all their merchandise and I nearly met them once. I've been to one of their concerts and it was amazing! I love them all but there's something about Harry that makes him different to the other boys. I think he's my celebrity crush. Oh, the curls.

The doorbell rang while I was dancing crazily in my pyjamas. The pizza man looked middle aged and grumpy and when he saw me he looked slightly shocked. He looked me up and down before speaking.

"Bit young to be home alone, aren't you?"

I coughed. "I'm 13, and I'm fine alone. I've got my music." I nodded in the direction of my iPod which was still playing One Direction. He reluctantly handed me the pizza and I gave him the money. Nosey.

I curled up on the sofa with my pizza and put a movie on. I was watching Finding Nemo. Yes, it is a Disney movie, and no, I'm not too old for Disney movies. I loved Finding Nemo even though I'd watched it hundreds of times. I pulled my phone out and checked twitter. 

@SiennaWalker: @Real_Liam_Payne: Hey Liam! Watching Finding Nemo! Love this movie, it never gets old!:')

I didn't expect a reply, because they're incredibly busy guys, and not a single one of my 1,024 tweets (yes, I DID count, problem?) that I sent to them got a reply.

I settled down and watched the movie.

Harry's POV;  

'I'm going to be your stepdad.'

'Going to be your stepdad.'

'Your stepdad.'


I'd never even seen this guy before and now my mums marrying him? What if he's a criminal!? She didn't even ask me!  We're fine how we are! I've got my mum and she's got me.

"Harry? Harry I didn't tell you about Jacob because I didn't want you worrying about me while you were recording and everything." my mum said, almost reading my mind. I shook my head and ran up to my room.

It was about 20 minutes before I heard someone coming up the stairs. I was sitting on my bed with a load of blankets covering my head. Childish, but I needed to think.

"Harry?" It was Louis. He pulled the blankets up and sat with me.

"Lou, I don't know what to think. I don't know if I'm sad or angry or what! This guy might be a total freak or he might be a criminal. I've never met him before and now he's gonna be my dad? I'll have to live in the same house as him! It's always been just me and my mum for over 10 years since my dad divorced her. What if this Jacob guy is a total jerk and breaks my mums heart?" I sobbed and Louis put his arm round me. Louis' Doncaster accent soothed me as he spoke. 

"I felt the same way with my mum, dad and Mark. The guys and I have been speaking to him while you were up here. He seems like a decent bloke. I think you should give him a chance. We're all living together at the moment so you shouldn't have to see him too often. But it's nearly summer so you never know. Me and the boys are always here for you Haz. Come downstairs and meet him properly."

At that moment I knew Lou was right. I wouldn't know unless I tried. On the other hand, Louis hadn't been this serious for weeks. I told him this and he laughed. "C'mon then, lets try." I told him and we went back downstairs.

"Did you use protection?" Niall cried when he saw us coming downstairs. I blushed and Zayn threw a cushion at him. I heard my mum and Jacob laughing. He saw me and immediately stood up. "Harry, I'm sorry I-" I cut him off. "It's fine mate. I just overreacted. Nice to meet you. Do I need to introduce myself?" He smiled and told me that mum had told him all about me. I could imagine her doing that. 

"Uhm, is it a bad time to say that I'm really hungry?" Niall interrupted, drawing attention away from the current situation.

"Not at all," my mum smiled, "I think dinner is nearly ready anyway." She stood up and headed towards the kitchen with Jacob in tow.

"See, he's not that bad." said Zayn.

"Look how happy he makes your mum" added Liam, as we saw her laughing happily as they messed about in the kitchen.

"I guess so. But I think she should have told me." I was a bit annoyed at that still.  

"She probably didn't tell you because she knew you'd act like that." Niall replied. Another cushion was thrown at him and he fell to the ground faking pain.

"I guess you're right, Niall. I'll give him a chance." I mumbled. 

"DINNER!" called my mum, and we ran towards the kitchen.


Sienna's POV; 

I woke up suddenly when I heard the front door open and close. I snapped myself upright and saw my dad come in.

"Hey Dad." I called.

"Hey sweetie. Come into the kitchen quickly?" He asked. He sounded pretty happy. I got up from the sofa and found I had a dead arm. Dad was making coffee so I sat down at the kitchen table and he turned round.

"Had a nice evening, I see." he said smirking. He was looking at my face and I automatically stuck my hands up. I felt a piece of pizza stuck to my cheek. He chuckled as I peeled it off and wiped the cheese from my face. I glared at him playfully.

"What's the big surprise thing then?" I asked. His face lit up even more and he sat down opposite me.

"Si, I know this is gonna come as a big shock but, well, I'm getting married!"

I choked on my drink. He was getting married!? Wow! I was so happy for him. He'd been trying to find a new woman ever since mum ran off with my PE teacher. It was great living with my dad but I missed a woman around the house. Dad had tried so many times to find a partner, in clubs and over the Internet but they were all freaks or they just didn't work out. If my dad was getting married then it means that he's found a good one! Wait... married? I mean, I've never even met this woman and now she's gonna be my mum? Millions of questions were running through my mind. But instead I acted cool. 

"Dad, that's great!" I cried, as he patted my back to stop me from dying. He told me all about his fiancé and she sounded like a wonderful woman. She was called Anne and she sounded perfect for my dad. I was going to meet her tomorrow, and I was really excited. She had a teenage son, a few years older than me. Oh yes! I'm gonna have a brother!

"By the way, I think you're really going to like your step brother." Dad said with a wink. Well that's weird, but anyway! I was doing a dance of celebration when my dad suggested I went to bed, seeing as we were leaving at 8:30 the next morning.

"Night Dad!" I called. I heard a "Night Sienna!" as I ran upstairs. I brushed my teeth and hopped into bed. Mm, my bed. I'd been out of it for over 5 hours. I hugged it and fell asleep quickly.

Harry's POV; 




I woke up the next morning to my alarm. I hit the off button and rolled out of bed. It was nearly 7am. My mum and I were going to meet Jacob and his daughter. Oh my god, I'm gonna have a little sister! I've always wanted one! I know I have Gemma and I love her a lot but an older one isn't as interesting as a little one, plus I hardly ever saw her, because she was at Uni most of the time, and either worked or saw friends on her days off.

I washed, dressed and made breakfast for my mum and I. She was already up but she was taking ages to get dressed. Women these days.

She came downstairs at quarter to 8. She was in a nice skirt and top. I was wearing pale chinos, my white top and blue Jack Wills jacket. I handed her a plate with scrambled eggs and two slices of toast, while I ate mine. When I finished, I pulled on the TOMS that Louis got me. They were personalised and said 'Harry' along the side. I smiled. I had the best friends in the world. I sat down on the sofa and waited for them to turn up.

Sienna's POV; 

I looked up. My bed was really hard and my head hurt. Oh wait.. I was laying on my bedroom floor. I'd fallen out of bed again. I was getting good at that. I groaned and pulled myself up. The shower was nice and warm, and I wrapped myself in a towel while I found my clothes. I decided on some black leggings with a bright top. I pulled my One Direction hoodie on (what? It's comfy.) and put my animal print high tops on. My hair was still wet so I dried it and clipped various pieces back. My phone buzzed from my pocked and I pulled it out. It was a text from my best friend, Lucy. Lucy was the only one I'd told about my dads marriage so far.

From: Bestest Bud Luceh: Haay gurlfriend, you ready for today? xxx

To: Bestest Bud Luceh: Sup hoe? And yes! I'm so excited! I want to know what my soon to be step brother looks like:( xxx

From: Bestest Bud Luceh: Aw if he's cute then I'll be over there in a flash ;) what you doing atm?xxx

To: Bestest Bud Luceh: I'm getting ready, duh! And Luce, he's way too old for you. He's like, 18! That's a 5 year difference!xxx

From: Bestest Bud Luceh: Age is just a number<333 xxx

To: Bestest Bud Luceh: And jail is just a room:P gotta go, dads calling me! Wish me luck!! xxxxxxx

I put my phone back in my pocket and ran downstairs where my dad was waiting. I didn't take my coat because it was summer. My dad looked nice, and I could see why this Anne had fallen for him. He was one of the fittest dads in our year. That sounds so strange, no I don't think my dad is sexy! That's wrong! But he isn't fat or bald, and isn't an alcoholic. In fact he even has a six pack. I'm actually so glad I don't have to cringe when he takes his shirt off. He's 41 but could easily be mistaken for a 25 year old. 

I followed him to the car and got in. I put a One Direction CD into the car music player and I was dancing as best as I could in a car. 

"I've tried playing it cool, 

But when I'm looking at you. 

I can't ever be brave,"

"Cause you make my heart race." my dad sung in a really low voice and I laughed.

"Shot me outta the sky, 

You're my kryptonite. 

You keep making me weak, 

Yeah frozen and can't breathe."


By the time we arrived at the house, Up All Night was playing. It was pretty loud so I would be surprised if the whole neighbourhood heard us. Woo, spread the lurve.

Dad parked and I jumped out of the car. He locked it and I clutched my phone. I was in that excited-nervous state. What if they didn't like me? What if I embarrass myself? I quickly retaught myself how to use a knife and fork, and we knocked on the door. There was shuffling inside and the door opened to reveal an attractive woman wearing a nice skirt. She introduced herself as Anne, my dad's fiancé, and my future stepmum. She was really nice and I knew my dad had picked well. My dad kissed her and she invited us in. We went into the lounge and there was a boy sitting on a sofa, texting.

"Harry, get off your phone and come and meet Sienna." His head snapped up and I awkwardly looked at the ground. He shook my hand and said, "Hey there, I'm Harry."

I looked up. 

Holy sh- 

It's him. 

It's Harry Freaking Styles.

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