Remus is going to hogwarts. Two years after his attack and his parents aren't sure he should go. Dumbledore talks him into it and tells him their plan for his safety. He meets Sirius, James and Peter and they soon become friends, while Severus becomes an enemy. What will his first year be like???



Remus Lupin was a kind little boy and always did what his parents told him. He wasn't particularly short or tall and he had red brown hair and pale skin. Him and his family lived in the sweet little town of ilford near London. 

His father Lyall, was a pleasant tall man with brown hair. He dressed smartly each day and worked for the ministry of magic. He worked for the department of the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. He was a high authority and highly respected. 

Hope, his mother, was a muggle. She happily married Lyall and they had Remus together in 1960. Hope worked at the local insurance office. She also had brown hair long hair which met with the middle of her back. 


"Remus darling come and have your breakfast." Hope's voice drifted up the stairs. Remus hopped off his bed and ran down eager to eat what that lovely smell belonged to. "Your father has written a report on lycanthropy today. Want a read?" Hope passed the wizard newspaper, The Daily Prophet, over to her son. He happily read the column whilst eating. 

"Ooh, werewolves! They sound cool!" Said Remus childishly. "Can we go to the park today mom? Please!" He looked at his mother kindly.

"Ok Remus. Why not." 

"Yes! I'll use my muggle toy bike." 

"Remus. It's just a bike, whatever your father says." She gave him a smile.

"Sorry mom." He ran outside and grabbed his bike. The park that they went to was near London so it took a couple of hours to get there. It was a very large and marvellous. Remus always met some friends there as it was so popular. Remus put on his coat and his mother put the bike into the car. 

"All set?" She asked.

"Yep! Lets go." His mother started the at and off they went. Remus always loved the ride there because the scenery was lovely. As they entered the towns around London though it began to get boring ad Remus couldn't wait to get to the park. 

"There it is!" Remus pointed toward the park and there were masses of children there. They parked the car an Remus grabbed his bike and ran towards the park, leaving his mother behind. 

"Be careful!" She exclaimed. She strolled to a near by bench and watched as Remus played with some other children at the bike ramps. She was glad that Remus enjoyed muggle playgrounds and that way of life, but knew that in a couple of years he would be going to Hogwarts, and she would have to give him up to the wizarding world. 

"Can I have an ice cream mom?" Remus bustled over after an hour and looked ecstatic. 

"Sure." Hope handed him some money. Remus was only nine but he understood both muggle and wizard money. "We shall have something to eat in a bit so don't buy a big one." She warned. 

A couple of hours later they enjoyed fish and chips and had a little walk around the park. Remus however set off to play again because they didn't have long left. 

"It's 4:30 now Remus! I'll give you another hour." She shouted. She sat down at another bench and decided to read a muggle magazine that she had brought. She liked to keep in touch with the muggle world as she wasn't a witch. She wasn't overly keen with the wizard idea but loved Lyall too much to care about it. 


"Great day out mom." Remus gave a large smile as they drove home. 

"Glad you enjoyed it sweetheart. Your father should be home when we get back." They were home shortly after and Remus hopped out of the car. It was already dark and their house stood next to a dark wood. Remus saw something move.

"Mom there is something in the wood." Remus walked towards it and halted at the line of trees.

"That's far enough Remus. Come and put away your bike." She looked over and saw a man walk out of the trees. 

"Hello." Said Remus politely. The man grabbed him and held him there. Remus struggled but he couldn't, silent tears streamed down his face. 

"LYALL!" Hope screamed. The man stood there and wouldn't move. "LET GO OF MY CHILD!" Lyall ran out of the house and stopped.

"Greyback! Let go of my son." Lyall walked slowly towards him. 

"Oh Lyall" he started in a deep voice. "Don't you ever learn? You don't know anything about lycanthropy do you?" He laughed. "Well you soon will." He grabbed Remus' hair and bit his neck. 

Remus screamed in pain and fell to the floor as his parents rushed over to him. The man had gone.

"MY BABY!" His mother cried and cradled her son. "Lyall what can we do?" Remus cried hysterically and was in terrible pain as the lycanthropy settled in his body. 

"St mungos" said Lyall. He picked up his son and ran into the house, Hope followed. He grabbed some powder and threw it into the fireplace. "St Mungos Hospital For Magical Maladies and Injuries" he said clearly. 

They wizzed and turned and landed in another fireplace. The building was pristine white and very clean. Lyall rushed up to the desk and virtually yelled. 

"My son! Greyback! Fenrir Greyback! Bite." Is all he could make out. He was crying as well. A woman came from behind the counter and looked at little Remus.

"Follow me sir, quickly." The woman rushed off and Lyall and Hope followed. Hope was still crying and didn't know what to do. She didn't trust this hospital much. 

They finally entered a ward and there were other children there. The woman motioned them to a bed.

"Place him here please." She pointed to the bed. Lyall placed his son down lightly and sat down next to him and Hope. Remus seemed to have fainted in shock and his parents just glared at him with terror and hopelessness on their faces. 

Over the next two days healers and different wizards bustled around Remus, giving him different potions and remedies that stunk and had various colours. Lyall and Hope sat with Remus every hour and slept in the chairs at his bedside. He refused to go to work and so did she. 

"Mom. Dad? Am I going to be ok?" Remus asked in a croaky voice. This was the first time he had spoken in two days. 

"I'm so sorry son. It's all my fault." Lyall began to sob. Remus looked really pale and sunken. He had lost weight and you could see his bones slightly. 

"You are very ill baby." Hope replied. "Don't worry, these kind healers will sort you out." 

"Why did that man at the woods do it mom? Did you know him dad?" His father explained who Fenrir Greyback was and what he liked to do. Hope was horrified and Remus had begun to cry. 

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