Please enjoy this book and say what you want about it: Two kids... One man... And a mystery of shadows. In the Mansion they sleep all day, they never come out in the dark... Unless its midnight. They only think of killing and power, power that will change the way we live forever...


1. The Beginning

Daniel Frost my father. I'm Kevin Frost ... ouch what was that. "Ha ha." Laughed Georgia. She was my older sister and she was getting me back for thrashing her at tennis. We were at our nan and grandads house for my birthday, my mum was there but my dad wasn't he was at his mansion. He split up with her, lucky that shes alive, why? well people always have a parent missing at least a person you will meet out your whole life and its there mum. "Rematch." Called Georgia again. I picked up my racket and hit the tennis ball. By the way I'm twelve and my sister is fourteen, I'm short but I've grown alot this summer so far. Our nan came out into the garden through the sliding glass doors with a frown in her smile.

"Whats wrong." I said.

"Your grandad will be staying at your mothers house for a while." She said. My mum lives far away from here and my dad lives like out the country. But it's a few hour train ride from here to his. 

"So?" Said Georgia worriedly.

"Your mother will be taking care of him and i cant watch you two by myself... So you'll be going to say at your fathers place for three weeks."

Well, my nan just walked back inside getting ready to pack i guess. So i got to do some aswell. I wonder when we'll leave?, tomorrow is to soon. I walked back inside and upstairs, i threw my racket on a the desk chair in my room. I have to share rooms with Georgia because we only come here for summer its not like we actually live here any longer. I looked into the mirror at Georgia's end, i was spiked dark brown haired and bright blue eyes. I look kind of creepy, but I'm not. Georgia is same coloured hair and has green eyes mixed with blue. I saw dads email address on my desk, i wonder if someone forgot it but doesn't matter because this is what i need. I locked the door hoping Georgia wouldn't bother me, i peeped out the window and saw her still playing by her self. Don't ask me how that's possible. I logged on to the computer but there was a password. I kept thinking and come up with June 5th it was the day nan and grandad met each other. I looked down the emails and saw a letter to him from mum!

"What are you doing." Said Georgia from outside the door. I saw her looking through the keyhole.

"Nothing just playing games." I replied. Come on anything, the letter was blank the computer is taking forever. Georgia burst into the room and i forgot that the lock was broken so it would always open. She walked past me and sat on her bed typing away at her mobile. I quickly read the message. Dear Jack, i am aware that you know about Kevin and Georgia are staying at yours for the next three weeks...

"AHH." I screamed. I pushed Georgia away. She was reading it aswell.

"I thought you found out about this." She said.

please take good care of them. k.i.t.

"K.I.T... whats that." I said tapping the desk.

"Gosh it means Keep In Touch."

Georgia walked out the room as for i logged off and started packing as for i but not Georgia had noticed something else at the bottom of the letter. They will be waiting at the station for you around 3:00pm on August 15th. That was it, i wrote down the date and checked what it was today. Here is what i discovered.

Today - Aug 13th.

We get there - Aug 15th.

Obviously we wouldn't leave right away as for its around a three hour journey.




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