The perfect boy<3

This is about a 15 year old girl that is bullied by 3 girls. But Then one day....


1. Stella morgen

Hi:) my name is Stella morgen, i am 16 years old :)  and my dream is to be a dancer:) i love to dance :)  and  on school ... Well i am not the coolest :( i have been bullied since  i was 9 ... And Then when i was 12 i got a friend :) but Then arter  a week , she diched me:( so.. And MY family<3 i have a brother and two sisters:) and my mom and my dad:) the thing is that my brother really don't care about me:( and My one sister have cencer:( and the Ather one is leaving us , she's going on a long holiyday in one year to California with her boyfriend , that's everything you need yo know about me i think(:

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