Shooting Shame

Its the mid 1800's in Texas and Green Lake is in disaster. A horrific turn of events has ensured that the quiet village of Green Lake has become a shooting zone. As a reporter for The Green News, the local newspaper, I have to write a recount of the events, but saying the wrong things could end in disaster.

This short newspaper article is based on the events which occurred in Louis Sacher's book, Holes.


1. The Green News: Shooting Shame on Green Lake

The Green News

Shooting Shame on Green Lake

Shooting shame as Sam our onion man dies on Green Lake.

    Something both sad and shocking occurred late on Friday afternoon last week, when, the disgraceful news flew round the village that a kiss had been shared between Sam the black onion man and Katherine Barlow the white teacher, it is against the law for a Negro to kiss a white woman. Sam to committed the crime, and sadly he paid the price. It was the day after that the real rampage started, a mob charged through the village, shouting and raving. That led to burning down the schoolhouse in which Katherine Barlow taught, which furthermore led to more mayhem on Green Lake, where all ears heard the dreadful blood-curdling sound of gunfire. A minute later, both Sam the onion man and his so-called fifty-year-old donkey were dead.


    On the very same day of the stunning incident, we spoke to the local doctor, Dr Hawthorn, who was just leaving his final patient of the day when the trouble started, this is his version of events, "well, I always thought that lad was alright. Him and his onions have worked miracles in this village. But kissing a white woman, I don't think he saw what was coming to him. As soon as I stepped out of Mrs Collingwood's door I could hear the crackling of fire and the smell of smoke. I just couldn't believe it when I realised what happening in my very own village, I mean, I've heard of stuff like this happening in other places, but never, ever here. I am appalled."

Charles 'Trout' Walker was the responsible party for bringing about Sam and Mary-Lou the donkey's death. Some people look up to Mr Walker and see his courage and bravery for saving Miss Barlow from the black man. However it seems that Miss Barlow is not grateful to Mr Walker at all, as she has not been seen since. "No doubt shes too ashamed and embarrassed to show her face after kissing him." claims the Sheriff, who stood by and encouraged Mr Walker to commit the murder. Sam the onion man and his ancient donkey are dead for the terrible crime of kissing. What will be next for our beloved Green Lake, and what of Miss Barlow?


Aftermath of the events

    In three dreary days time more shocking events had come to light. It seems that an angry Miss Katherine Barlow entered the Sheriff's cabin  seeking revenge for not hesitating to stop Charles Walker committing Sam's murder. It appears she pulled out a gun and shot the Sheriff without any hesitation alike the dead Sheriff himself. She then applied a fresh coat of blood-red lipstick and kissed the Sheriff smack on the lips. It seemed to be the kiss he had arrogantly asked for just three days previously. We have evidence of the kiss from the imprint of red lipstick on the Sheriffs cold lips. This shocking news of another murder in this quiet village has completely shaken the neighborhood. A local resident, Susie Rogers (41) exclaimed, "Oh dear, another person dead. I would never have thought it! Me and my family are moving to a nearby town, we just don't think its a safe and secure place to bring up a family anymore. I mean, just to think my two eldest were taught by a killer!" So these terrible events have left a quiet, peaceful village in ruin.

As well as turning the quite, peaceful schoolteacher Katherine Barlow into the most feared outlaw in the west. Kissin' Kate Barlow, the women who only kisses the men she kills. All except one. 


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