The life of a Herbololy Prodigy

I'm Neville Longbottom a clumsy pure blood wizard.Most people call me stupid,dumb and idiotic (even the professors). I attend Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and I'm terrible at every lesson except Herbololy (professor sprout calls me a prodigy) and this is my story


1. The beginning

Day 1

Dear Diary  

I'm a gryffindor. I can't believe it I have dreamed about this moment all my life. I've made my parents and my grandma proud. I lost Trevor on the train today but he is safe and sound today. The feast was magnificent tasty roast chicken, perfectly cooked vegetable, creamy mashed potatoes and Victoria sponge for dessert, absolutely delicious.


Day 2

Dear Diary

I've made so many great friends, hermione Granger,Ron Weasley,Seamus Finnigan,Justin Finch-Fletchley, the great Harry Potter and so many more. I met some of the Hogwarts staff today Proffesor Sprout (Herbololy),Proffesor McGonnagal (tranfiguration),Proffesor Snape (potions),Proffesor Binns (History of Magic), Proffesor Flitwick (Charms),Filch (caretaker),Dumbledore (headmaster),Hagrid (gamekeeper),Madame Hooch (Flying),Madame Pomfrey (matron) and Proffesor Quirrel (defence against the dark arts). Food was amazing as always

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