A Long Way Down

So this is the first song I ever wrote. Tell me what you think.


1. A Long Way Down

Shes a daydreamer shes not good for much. All she does is dream of what she could become. What she doesn't realize is without doin anything now. It'll all start crumbling down.

Chorus: Its a long way down when you're high up in the clouds. Its a painful fall when you're dreamin you've got it all. Its a slowly fading memory when you open your eyes and finally see. Its a long way down.

Now shes 23 starin out the window dreamin about tomorrow. She was just a girl but now shes grown. To scared to try to achieve what she wants. So she pretends shes the movie star shes watchin now. She pretends shes the singer on the radio right now. Her life is goin by fast she hasn't realized it yet the lesson that is. (repeat chorus)

She cant stop cryin now cause shes seen the truth. But she knows shes got somethin to prove. So she'll make that dream come true. (repeat chorus)

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