Love at first sight

Jessica is a huge one direction fan. For her 19th birthday her parents got her one direction tickets and a backstage passage for her best friend Dillen and herself. Jessieca was really excited but she didn't this was the day her whole life would change!!


4. The concert!!!

A/N: hi so im gonna skip when jessica get home and stuff cause im lazy so anyways jessica is now in the hotel getting ready for the concert


i am getting ready for the concert i decided to wear my shorts with my flower shirt. dylan was gonna wear her skinny jeans  with a shirt that said ''Blink if you want me'' when i saw her shirt i started to laugh cause she is a huge directioner and she knew we were gonna meet the boys backstage so typical Dyl. ''Jess you ready to go '' i heard dyl scream from the other room.

''um.. sure lets go''i told her

''cool let's go'' she said.


i was still thinking of the girl i met at Mcdonald's there was something about her she was diferent about her.''come on hazza we need to practice for the concert later on'' demanded loui.

''ok i'm coming'' i answered


CONCERT TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!


the concert was great especially since we were front row i danced to all of their songs.

''everyone with backstage passes follow me'' Paul (their bodyguard) screamed .

Dylan and i quickly followed Paul and the other girls we ended up at the back of the line since the other girls ran really fast to the line.we had to wait in that line for about an hour and it was finally our turn.''JESSICA'' harry shouted.i cant believe it harry remembered me.

''hi'' i answered shyly. harry quickly came up to me and pointed at the couch which meant he wanted me to sit there so i followed him.

''that day when i saw you why did you walk off like that'' harry asked 

''um....... i don't know '' i answered truthfully 

''okay well that doesn't matter just give me your phone'' harry demanded

''what '' i asked 

''give me your phone so i can write down my number'' he answered

''oh ok but give me your phone then''i said while handing him my phone

''ok'' he answered and he gave me his phone. i grabbed his phone went to contacts and added myself in added my screen name as Jess and took a pic of me smiling like and idiot and handed his phone back and he gave me my  phone back.

''boys we need to go now'' paul shouted.

''well i gotta go i'll text you bye love'' harry said while getting up and leaving




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