Love at first sight

Jessica is a huge one direction fan. For her 19th birthday her parents got her one direction tickets and a backstage passage for her best friend Dillen and herself. Jessieca was really excited but she didn't this was the day her whole life would change!!


1. Birthday suprise !!!!!

(Jessica's POV:)

"Happy birthday sweetie your finally 19 !"my mom exclaimed ! I was woken up by my mother saying happy birthday to me. I was really excited about today because i knew my parents were throwing me a ''surprise'' birthday party. ''Thanks mom '' i told my mom. i hoped out of bed and told my mom i would be downstairs as i took a shower and got dressed. i took my clothes off and hopped into the shower i let my curly brown hair off  the ponytail and let my hair run loose. i took a long relaxing shower as soon as i got out i put a rope around my body and went into my bedroom. " What should i wear today '' i thought to myself. i finally decided i would wear a black shirt with a cross on it some shorts and a pair of converse with a cross on it. I wanted to let my curly hair run loose . I'm not really much of a makeup person so i just put a bit of mascara and blush . I put on my one direction perfume and headed downstairs to were my parents were.'' Happy birthday '' both of my parents exclaimed. ''thanks you guys'' i told my parents. my parents  made me the best breakfast ever (pancakes ,bakon , and eggs).


(Still jessica's POV:)

the day went amazing all my friends and family came to my birthday party it was amazing i had gotten lots of presents from my friends and family including clothes,shoes,perfume,accesories, and the new iphone 5 . the party was almost over and there was one present left and it was from my parents. my parents handed me the gift and i started to open it.''wow thanks mom this is great'' i told my mom. it was a one direction sweater. i put the sweater on and asked how i looked.''you look great sweetie look whts inside the pocket ''my mom told me ''ok'' i looked in the pocket and found and envolove i quickly took it out and started to open it. i was in shook i could'nt velieve what was in it it was a ticket to go see one direction ''AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH'' I screemed at the top of my lungs it was the best day ever i was so happy i couldn't believe it. ''THANK YOU MOM'' i told my mom and went and hugged her.''your welcome sweetie theres something else in there look and see'' my mom told me i looked inside the envolope and there was another ticket there. ''what is it'' my best friend Dylan asked. i looked up at her with a hue smileon my face and told her,''your coming with me to see one direction!'' ''AHHHHHHHH''she started to scream and then before weknew it we were both screaming jumping up and down .


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