Behind The Camera, Before He Was In The Light

When filming a movie, a camera man can become so much more. This camera man is proof enough of that.


3. Problems and Reshoots

Problems and Reshoots;

Tony walked over to his camera. He had saved up for years to bye it. He unhooked it from the stand and walked over to Sheera. "Thirty seconds! Places!"

"Sheera, use mine. I bought it, its my personal camera. If it breaks I wont blame you, I wont make you get me a new one. But, just be careful. Please?" She nodded and stepped back as he placed it on the stand and locked it in place. As he pulled away she placed a hand on his. "Thank you, I really mean it, thank you." He nodded. He grabbed Sean's shit covered camera. "Newbie!" He called. A younger guy sprinted over.

Without speaking he passed him the camera. "Clean it, I want it to shine so the Martians can see it, got it? Go." The kid nodded and ran off.

Ben cam running over, lugging a large, older camera after him. "Here, I hope you have a plan."

"I do, get to your station." Tony was pissed, Ben could tell. As Tony walked by he said "Jack, wrong spot, over 5 inches to the left." Jack nodded.

"10.....9....8....7....6....5.....4......3.....2......." Tony turned the camera on and panned to center stage, where 'Walter' was tied to a chair. He hadn't even set up on the stand, but he had enough skill to get all his shots from the shoulder. Taking his eye away and checking everyone he saw Dave, Oliver and Kell up on small camera stages to get air shots. Kell looked down and signed to him.

Camera men had a hand language so they could communicate during shots. Kell was asking Am I Set? Anyone need to move?

Tony nodded and signed one handed to the right, a tiny bit, and Dave needs to go to wide shot, not close. Remind him?

ok, will do Kell signed back.

Tony focused back on the stage, and his camera. The one he was holding was heavy, after a count to 100 he ran silently to his stand and set up in silence, then he focused back on stage.

Look around again he saw that Sheera was staring at him, right, she was off for the next minuet or so. He counted and signed any problems?

She shook her head and signed I was wondering if you want to go out after work?

Tony laugh silently and signed talk later, focus on work first

Sheera nodded and went back to filming.

The rest of the day went similar, shooting, reshooting, lunch, more shots, and then they had some free time before they got off for the day. No problems for the rest of the day, luckily for Tony. As he was packing up his camera Sheer walked over.

"So, Tony, want to catch some food today?" Tony looked up at her. He opened his mouth to answer when Denim called out. "DeFazio! You stay and talk to me, your all dismissed."

He shrugged. "You can stay and wait or we can rain check?" Tony was silently praying rain check.

"I can wait. Hope Denim doesn't kill you, eh?" Tony laughed and nodded, Sheera turned and grabbed her jacket and bag. "See you outside, boss man."

Tony nodded and finished packing up his gear as he watched her walk away. The building was silent, it was creepy.

"Yeah, Mr. Denim?" Tony asked as he walked over to the director. He looked up from signing papers and shooed the assistant away. "I wanted to say you did a good job, and I saw some of your shots, even with a old camera you did wonderful. And I also noticed you look like Hank Oakes. Our main actor. He's been giving me shit, and you know all the lines, right?" Tony nodded "Well, I might put you in as Walter, but only if Oakes doesn't straiten out. Don't get worried, you would be fine, your only slightly taller than him, so you'd be fine. Alright, have a nice night, see you in the morning." He patted Tony on the back and walked away.

Tony turned and walked away, punched out and walked to his car in a daze. Sheera ran up behind him. "Tony, you walked right by me, what's going on? You all right?"

Tony shook off his daze and said "Yeah, I'll tell you over food, where do you want to go?"

Sheera knew he probably wouldn't tell her but she walked to the other side of his truck. "How's pizza sound?" He nodded and stowed his camera bag in the back. Sitting in the driver side he started his truck and pulled out.

He was silent for a minuet or too....he was thinking....All I wanted was to be a camera man on famous movies, but instead I might be starring the famous movie....holy shit!

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