Behind The Camera, Before He Was In The Light

When filming a movie, a camera man can become so much more. This camera man is proof enough of that.


1. Cameras And Men

Camera's And Men;

Tony sat, leaning, against the small fake stage the directors were going to use for a scene in the movie. He pulled out a rag and started to clean his camera, again. He hummed the theme song for the movie, he had heard it enough. Sean, the directors favorite camera man, and a jerk, walked over, and sat next to Tony. "So, Tone, how are you doing?" Tony sighed and pocketed his rag.

"Don't call me Tone. Fine. Why are you over here?" Sean laughed and placed his hand on Tony's arm. "Right to the point, nice, well, I came over to tell you that they might be cutting some people from this production." Sean stood and swaggered away.

Tony sighed and pulled his rag out, he started playing with it. Ben, Tony's friend, walked over and offered him a coffee. Tony shook his head. He didn't drink coffee. "What did Fuckwad want?" He leaned against the stage on Tony's right side. "He said some people might be cut from the filming crew."

"Uh, do you think its true? That they might do that?" Ben couldn't get cut, he needed the job to pay for his mothers medical bills. The insurance had stopped for some reason.

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