Everlasting love

Dette er et lille øjebliksbillede/novelle. Det er den første aflevering i gym, men jeg er nogenlunde tilfreds med den, og fik derfor lyst til at lægge den ud. Det er et oneshot.
Just some homework which, in my opinion, ended out really well. Feel free to mention it if you find any mistakes though. Thanks.


1. Love

Everlasting love

Emma looked so beautiful sitting there on the swing with the wind blowing in her hair. But it was an odd kind of beauty. She looked so fragile, so hurt. The way that her hair curled down her back, and her eyes looked at the ground almost made him turn around. Stefan couldn’t do it. He couldn’t hurt her, when he promised he wouldn’t. But if he didn’t stop this, he would hurt her even more. It was a dead end and now there was no turning back.

Even though it was dark, almost too dark to see the playground they were at, he knew she had circles under her eyes. He just knew they were there. Just like he knew about her scars. Not just about the ones on her arms, but also about the ones in her mind. The scars that filled her head with deep anxiety. He felt his heart drop. He was the course of this sadness. All because of his stupidity and a stupid bet.

Emma knew Stefan was there. She always felt it when he was near. In the beginning it had been a pleasant feeling. A feeling se welcomed with happiness. Because Stefan made her happy. A feeling she wasn’t used to but she appreciated it. But now she knew, that he was going to leave her. She felt nothing but hatred and sorrow against him at the moment. He made her a promise, and he was about to break it. She could feel it. Deep inside her bones and that feeling hurt so much. 

“Emma?” His deep voice said. It made her feel sick, but she moved her body a bit, still sitting on the swing. Just so he knew, she was listening.

“Are you ok?”

His concern made her feel nauseous.  But it wasn’t the usual kind of nauseous. She felt a word-vomit coming from the back of her throat.

“Are you seriously asking me that question?” She couldn’t help but laugh a mocking laughter at the stupid question.  “I can feel you leaving me, Stefan! I can feel it, and I’m not even looking at you! Hell, I don’t want to look at you.” She felt so betrayed and most of all sad at her loss, but the sadness was overwhelmed by the anger she felt towards him. He couldn’t just leave her, when she most needed him. Her mom died just a year ago for Christ sake! Her dad was drinking his head and heart out. He couldn’t leave. He just couldn’t. She needed him. She needed someone who could love her unconditionally. Just like he had a few weeks ago. 

“If you’re leaving me know, I’m gonna hate you forever!”

His face went absolutely pale and he felt like someone just hit him hard in the face. He felt so disgusted for what he did to her, and knowing that she hated him too made him hate himself and his decision even more.

“Em, come on. You know I never meant to hurt you. Please tell me you know that.” His voice sounded like his usual soft one but with one change; he actually sounded like he was sorry.

“Don’t even go there. If you never meant to hurt me, you wouldn’t leave,” she knew she was being unfair. Actually when she thought twice about it, maybe she would leave herself too if she could. “Did you know from the start? That you were going to leave me?”

She felt the tears starting to well up in her eyes at the thought. Then reality hit her hard.

“Please tell me that I wasn’t just a game. That it wasn’t just your stupid friends that gave you a challenge. Please, Stefan.”

She could tell by the look he gave her, that she was a challenge and now it was over. He could go back and be the popular guy with his friends again. She should have known. There was a reason to the fact that she always sat alone in the cafeteria before him. She had been so surprised and flattered when Stefan one day walked up to her and asked her out, because she looked nice. At least that was his excuse.

“Oh my God,” she stuttered.

“Em, listen, it’s not like that, seriously, I can explain,” he sounded so desperate, and suddenly his hands was all over her, turning her around and she felt like she was being strangled. Like she was out of breath.

“Stop, please,” she begged. “Stop touching me. Please, don’t touch me.”

“Babe, it’s me. It’s just me, okay?” She looked at him with begging eyes. Those eyes were his kryptonite. She could ask him to rob a bank and he would do it gladly all because of those eyes. Those eyes he had fallen for. Then he noticed how her under lip was shivering. Her whole body was to be exact.  Once again she wasn’t wearing shoes. She was just standing there, shivering, with her toes in the sand, looking like she didn’t care at all. She probably didn’t. It was a bad habit of hers not caring about herself.

“Come on, love, you’re absolutely freezing.”

But she just turned her shaking head away from him. He knew that she was stubborn and she wouldn’t do as he said. He knew she was going to win.

“I don’t want to be your charity case or bet anymore, Stefan, seriously. You can leave now, thanks.”

But Stefan didn’t want to leave. He shouldn’t have made that stupid bet, he knew that now, he shouldn’t have thought, that she wasn’t a person with feelings. He shouldn’t have been such an arse. But there was nothing he could do to change that now. He had to live with his decision.  

“Listen, Emma,” she was about to interrupt him, but he stopped her, “you seriously have to stop thinking that. Yes, maybe it started out as a stupid bet and I’m sorry. I’m truly and deeply sorry. But then I started to get to know you. And to my surprise I liked you. Very much. Actually I think I love you now. No, I’m sure, I love you. I want to be your boyfriend, and I want to show the world how beautiful you are, because you are beautiful. You’re a lot more than just beautiful.”

Stefan knew she doubted his words and he understood why. She felt like her mother and father left her. The two people who were supposed to be the ones, that would always love her just left. And then she slowly stopped loving herself, and now it was hard to let anyone in. He got that – and he hadn’t exactly made it easier.  Especially not by coming here with the break-up on his mind and lips.

“How do I know you don’t lie?” she asked. First he just shrugged not knowing what to answer.

“I guess you just have to trust me. That’s hard, I know. Particularly when you think about what I’ve done. But I promise you. I’m not lying. I love you. So much.”

Emma looked at him. Feeling the doubt racing through her mind. But then she noticed something. Stefan was making that movement with his arm, like he always did, when he tried to convince her something. She looked him in the eye and then she knew. She knew that their love wasn’t just a fling and she knew that the stupid bet wasn’t the reason that they were together now. She knew that their love was everlasting.

“I love you too.”

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