All is Fair in Love and War

Two kingdoms, once joined together as one have split apart in a family feud, and now after hundreds of years of preparation war will continue as planned in the scriptures. Learn more about the two kingdoms, Ithica and Elika and which kingdom will rise once and for all, if anything can be salvaged.


1. Prologue

"My dear boys, please, take care of my kingdom. Only one son will rise to be king, only one son will prove his worthiness to control."


I watched three of my brothers die that day. 

Bloodshed, war, hatred, all terrible consequences of the royal family. 

My two youngest brothers, Carac and Merek were left. Both with blood splattered swords ready to show my ill father which was prepared for the duties of king. Both swords were raised, blood dripping down there wrists, teeth clenched, brow coated in sweat. Just as the first clash of the sword was brought, I heard my father say his last words. 

"Jacquelyn, my dearest, do not let the kingdom take all of my family." And with his last wishes, I felt his last heart beat pulsate through my hand. This was the end of the war. 

"Brothers! Please! There must be some form other than fatal to deal with this matter," I paused, glancing at my now lifeless King.


"You will both be King"  





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