Back For You

Kaitlyn Meets onew direction at a signing in hollywood and little did she know her life was to fall in place right in front of her.


1. Christmas Eve

"TIME TO WAKE UP!!!!" yelled Iris (My mom) "UGHH" i scrambled to get out of bed, tripping over my blankets and falling on my face. " Not a good way to get out of bed!" I said nastily. "Oh well" Mom said as i walk downstairs. I mocked her face. "Merry Christmas Eve" She handed me a small box wrapped in creepy santa paper. " Thanks Mom, can i open it now?". "wait till your father gets his lasy butt downstairs" She replied. " DA-". " IM UP IM UP" He found his way downstairs. "Ok Kaitlyn, go ahead open it!" Mom said as she glanced at dad. I smiled and started tarring the paper. "Kraft dinner box yay!" I said sarcasticly. Mom rolled her eyes and told me to open that to so i did and i pulled out 3 tickets for a.... Bon- Jovi concert... "Oh... Thanks mom?" I said dissapointed. She gave me a wierd look and snached the tickets. "Bon-Jovi..?!" She said. "Oops" said dad quietly in the backround. We both glanced up at him. "Merry Christmas honey" He told mom. "I thought that one was hers but its yours... Hers is under the tree". Mom got excided and did her little excided dance when she gets her way. And handed me another one that was identicle to the one before. I tore it open and there laying in the box were 5... ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! GUYS I CANT BELIVE IT OMG I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! I- I- I- OMG I CANT- IM GOING TO MEET ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!" I started to cry tears of joy. 

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