The Heist

Theodore Gray lives as good a life as any. A wife. Couple of kids, Nice job, late twenties. Life is good. Until he turns the news on. And he sees what could make his life hell. His psychopathic thirteen year old brother.... Robbing a bank..... Then comes the phone call.


1. A good day

Today was a good day. A day off from work and school, time to spend with his adoring family. He made him and his wife a cup of coffee, for which she rewarded him with a long morning kiss. He smiled and went to make his kids some breakfast. His youngest, Emily, leapt at him the moment he went into their room. She was a four year old ball of energy that felt like being hit by the shot of a cannon when she jumped at you. After all these years of experience he was able to maintain hold of the bowls of cereal he had made for them. "Daddy!" She screamed as she hugged him. It was like she hadn't seen him in years when of course she had seen him only yesterday. "Hey there kiddo" He smiled and ruffled her long golden, blonde hair. She grinned at him while his other daughter, Clara came over to him. She was eight years old and had his dark black-ish hair rather than his wife's blonde hair. Clara hugged him as tight s her younger sister then took her bowl. "Thanks daddy!". He smiled. "You're welcome princess" Emily took her bowl and scampered back to her bed. He retreated from the bedroom and went back to the kitchen where his wife sat, reading the newspaper. "Anything interesting?" He asked. She shook her head then paused. "Oh no, there's been a massive heist at The capital bank". Theodore raised an eyebrow. "Really? Well at least it's not our bank." She nodded in agreement. "But it's close" She said. He shrugged. "No one would try our bank. It's way too highly defended". She hesitated. " I don't know Theo... These guys seem pretty serious." He shrugged. "Our money'll be fine". She didn't look so sure...

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