She`s MINE

Danielle McCain`s Dad has a job, but he, is being transfered to a town in Ontario, Canada, so she`s the `new girl` at some school there. Oh and guess what, it is the first day and , not even five minutes in there, she makes a friend, Sam and makes an enemy Justin, and his buddies. Now how can she survive the rest of highschool?


1. Chapter 1

I ran, and ran, I never looked back. "DANIELLE! LET ME EXPLAIN!"  I turned into a street and woah woah woah. Let's just start from the beginning. Hi, im Danielle McCain, and i live in New Jersey, and my dad works Engineer, and my mom is, well, nobody knows really. She left us when i turned 8. I have long,straight and light brown hair. I have brown eyes and i am, well, the prettiest girl in school. And that is true, i am DEFINATELY  NOT like those other bitchy popular girls, i am a COD girl, bookworm, and lov  pretty little liars! i just never speak to anyone about it though. I am a dancer ,but, i dont tell many people this, i train at a karate dojo, 3rd degree black belt, and i guess that's it! 


"DANIELLE!" I was in my room, writing in my journal when my dad called me down. I slammed it closed and ran downstairs. "Yeah?" "Um, sweet heart, you know my job is engineering, and, well, we have to move to a town, in Ontario" my mouth dropped, "Wait, Ontario, CANADA! Dad, we can't move, i have friends, family, the dojo, the dance academy!" "Woah, slow down, i know it will be hard, but my job requires us to move there, im very sorry but we are moving in two days." I groaned and stomped upstairs. I CAN'T be the new kid, and prettiest girl, not anymore, great, now i have to go to a- public school. I started texting my friends about it, Jake, Hanna, Joey, and Hailey. All them said the usual you would hear noooo! Or i'll miss uuuuu, and all that. Hailey offered to help me pack, so the next day, i started. "So you're really leaving." "Yep, i still can't belive it."


My dad an  i awkwardly ate dinner quietly. He stood and grabbed the last few boxes in the car. Now all the couches and beds etc. "Do you know the school im attending, yet?" I asked. "No, but i know where it is and here's your schedule." He handed me a paper. "Kay, i'll be in my room  i guess." I headed up to my vacant room. Only the bed and covers remained. I changed and went to sleep. 

( In Canada ) 

"HURRY UP, SCHOOL IS IN 1 HOUR!" I groaned and stepped into the shower, time to go to school. After about 20 minutes i ate and jumped into the car, grabbing my bookbag. 


I stepped into ths building, and looked around, trying to find the main office, when i bumped into someone, great, already. I almost fell but an arm snaked around my waist to catch me in time. I blushed, the boy in frontof me had brown eyes and hair, his cologne and just the way he looked was familiar, he reminds me of some jock at the school i went to before the academy. Ugh, i hatethose kind of guys.   "hey, arent you the 'new girl'?" "Yep, that's me, but i prefer to be called Danielle." I looked at those eyes, damn those eyes. He let me go, and i realized people kept staring. Hello? Rude. I then came back to reality, im still completely lost!   "Hey, im Sam,and you kind  looked lost, main office?" Sam questioned. "Yeah,"  with that, he showed me the main office, and after i got the papers and everything, Sam became my guide, " Um, just warning you but, that guy back there, he's trouble. " "Who i bumped into?" "Yeah his nam  is Justin." "Yeah, he looks like a jock who gets every girl, then dumps them," "That's him," we broke off to go to our classes. 

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