Behind closed curtains

This is for the backstage story competition.

Sasha enters a competion to meet Ariana Grande and be her assistant which means going with her to concerts recording sessions and talking to her,her biggest dream.But behind closed curtains she is different than she seems.....


1. Nobody

I'm a nobody,nobody likes me I'm different to all the others.Most girls dream of boys and becoming famous, I dream of meeting the red haired (literally) Ariana Grande she keeps me going I love her music and she is so talented I love her with all my heart,people seem to disagree with my style.I have red hair like Ariana's because I thought it would look really nice which it does,my parents didn't approve of this though.Every day when I come home from school it's always "What are you wearing!" "I cant believe you did that to your hair!" I tend to just accept it now,cause in the end we are family.I like to look nice but not all lovely if you get what I mean,I would wear a dress don't get me wrong but it's not really my thing.I like to wear baggy clothes things i feel comfy i,you know? 

I switch on the radio and hear Ariana's angelic voice followed by an interesting advertisement.

Would you like to be Ariana Grandes assistant?  

"Omg yes I would!"I thought to myself.

Well there's an opening for you! You must write a letter to us stating why you would love to be Ariana's assistant and send it to us with your address and mobile number be quick entry's must be in next week!

I jumped off my bed and onto the floor I through my favorite key ring at my CD player and it burst out with Ariana Grande tunes.I did a victory dance in my room giving it everything I had,this could be the break I needed.

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