Troubled Love

Akiya is a young girl longing for love. It's not easy. She has been let down way to many times. It took over her life. She cuts herself because of it. She even threatened to kill herself. When she is on the internet she meets someone who has everything she's looking for and he's perfect and...he has a girlfreind. Her dreams are shattered and shestops looking and was miserable. Then a new boy comes. Zayne. She then develops a crush on him but believes he will never like her.

Will Zayne like Akiya just as much as Akiya likes him?

Will her internet crush change his mind and beg for Akiya's love?

Will Akiya ever have what she wants this one time?

Will she make the right choice?

Find out in Troubled Love.


1. Chapter One

A/N Hi! I will be the co-author of this story as Alex is the main author! I will make some stories but I will make drafts so that Alex can see if it's alright! Alright, Alex? Okay.

So, I will introduce myself! My name is Thursday Dark Blaque WesWing. Yup, a weird name, I do like it though!


Akiya's POV

I got up from my bed and turned on my phone. I checked my messages and just looked at them for a few minutes just to see if something new would pop up. My life us on the internet. I have no freinds at school but on the internet I do. It's weird but it's still fun because you can do alot of flirting. I really want a boyfreind.I had one before but he didn't trust me and all that shiz and now he's long gone. I am never gonna find someone in real life so I will get a boyfreind online...yeah that's weird. Oops! I forgot to introduce myself! I am Akiya Cowell. I'm 19 years old. I'm a gymnast. will find out more later. I didn't get any messages so I got off and went to listen to music. I was almost done with Radioactive by Imagine Dragons when my phone went off showing I had mail. I instantly got exited and opened it only to see a text from my mom. I had to reply since I would get grounded if I ignore it so I did. Mom: hey. Get up. You have to wash the dishes. I would have called you but I know my daughter and I knew that you would be on the phone. Akiya: im coming and...not cool mom. :-( Mom: sorry sweetie. Now come on. Akiya: kk. I didn't tell my mom about my life on the phone because she would go crazy and call the law or something. I got up and went to take a shower. After I got out the shower I put on a yellow shirt shorts and my combat boots. I went to the room and my brother Andrew was in there. He is a great brother and I love him...we don't even fight!! Well anyway, him being the sweet guy he is, he came up and hugged me. I smiled when he wrapped his arms around my neck. "Hello my beautiful twin sister!" Andrew said. "Your just saying that because we look alike." I said denying the fact he called me beautiful. "No I didn't and yes you are. Ok?" He said. I nodded. "Good girl." I said going to the sink. Andrew stopped me. "What? I have to go wash the dishes." I told him looking confused. "I will do it. I know I did it yesterday but I will do it for you and you can go hang out with your fre..." Andrew srarted. He stopped because he knew I didn't have any freinds besides ones on the imternet. 'I'm sorry. I meant talk to your freinds." He said looking down. "It's ok. Thanks again. I love you." I said patting his shoulder. He smiled. I walked up to my room and got my phone. I got on and seen I got a notification. I smiled at who it was. It was this dude named Gavin. Gavin is this really cute guy on kik that u was intruduced to by my other online freind Katie. He is really nice and funny and he has an awesome tongue...forget about that part. Well anyway I read it. Gavin: hey Alex. Whatcha doin? Alex: hey. I'm doing nothing besides talking to you. What are you doing? Gavin: I'm playing minecraft. Alex: Of coarse you are. Lol :-) Gavin: Yeah. Lol. Umm I will talk later. I have to go do somethings. I'm sorry I have to go so soon. :-( Alex: Oh it's ok. I will talk to Katie. See...I mean talk to u later. Lol!:-D Gavin: haha!! Bye. Love you...sorry if that is weird. Alex: Hahaha!! No it's completly fine. Bye. I love that guy. I was talking to katie for a while when I got a text from Jet. My brother's freind. He is my real life freind but honestly we aren't as close as my internet freinds for some reason. Jet: hey lexi! U doing anything? Alex: Hi Jet!! No...why? Jet: I was wondering if you wanted to come to the patk with me. My gf is out of town and Andrew is busy. U wanna come? Alex: of coarse!! Jet: ok. I will be at ur house in a few minutes. Alex: Ok. I ran and told mom I was leaving in a few minutes and she agreed. When I went out of my mom's room Jet was in there. I walked up to him and smiled. "Hey!! Let's go!! Jet said taking my arm and bringing me out the house. I laughed as he pulled my arm all the way to the park. Jet picked me up and put me on the swing and pushed me. Then we went to the slide and took turns going down. We were acting like little kids. We got tired and went home. Jet dropped me off and left. I went in and talked to katie about the most randomest stuff ever. I layed diwn on my bed and played temple run and was thinking about Gavin. He is awesome...and cute. I wish I was just a little bit pretty so I would have a chance with him. I am always gonna be like this. Lonely. A/N hey guys!! Hope u are liking this. Just so u know this is kinda based on real life experiences. The characrers like Andrew, Gavin, and katie. Bye bye Stay smiley!! →Alex C.♥
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