Eternal Sunlight (Book 1)

This is another series of books that take place after Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn.
7 years later and Renesmee Cullen is 17, immortal and in love with Jacob Black. Can they tell Edward and Bella their plans or will it ruin everything, especially when someone comes to look for Renesmee...


1. Excitement

"Nessie, get in here and clean up your books please," it was mum, her beautiful voice rang in my ear.

I lifted my head up  from my notebook and looked around my room. It was the same pale colours from when I was younger. All my furniture was white, my bed was pushed up against the wall directly across from the door. Next to my bed was a long window that went from ceiling to floor. My wardrobe was opposite my bed, the dresser next to it. I also had one full wall that contained a large rustic bookcase. I would prefer to redecorate, yet there was no point, we would only end up moving away when I did.

"Nessie," she hissed, pulling me from my thoughts.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," I groaned, hopping off the bed.

I was to excited about my day tomorrow to clean up my books. It was going to be my first day of school. My parents enrolled me in Forks High School, this would be my first year going to a real school. I have been home schooled by Carlisle since I was able to read. I wanted to make friends and be normal and have the experience my mum had. I ended up getting my way.

 I walked into the main room of the house, it had stone walls, and a low ceiling. We also had a beautiful fireplace, where when I was little, well, younger, dad would read stories to  me. He still does sometimes.

 "Could you please clean this up before your father comes home?" There she was my mum, she's beautiful. Her brown hair, pale complexion, and golden eyes.

 "I'm sorry mum, I was so excited about school tomorrow I almost forgot," I told her.

 "It's alright, just take these to your room," she quickly turned her attention back to what she was doing. It was a habit, every day she would dust, vacuum, and clean. I looked at the coffee table that was in front of the couch facing the fire place, which was roaring. It was cold a lot here in Forks. I picked up the books I had bought for school.

 "Mum I need to go and see Alice, she's helping me pick an outfit for school tomorrow," I explained.

 "I guess we know where you got your fashion and beauty from, it definitely isn't me," my mum laughed.

 She had told me stories from when she was human, she was never graceful, and she didn't like to wear nice clothes. We didn't really ever go shopping together. Alice always took me.

 Just as quickly as I had grabbed my books I was back in my room, I placed the books on my bed. I heard a howl outside my window as I began to walk out. I turned back to see him; Jake. His russet brown fur blew in the wind. I went to open my window, as I did he phased back to a human. Jake stood at a tall 6'7. I took my hands and placed them over my eyes. My window was open and I felt the breeze flow through it.

 "Is that really necessary, I already know you have an excellent body.  Perfect tan, six pack, but come on, can't you phase behind a tree," I moaned, I heard him laugh as I felt his warm body come closer to mine. His hand touched mine, pulling it away from my face.

"Better?" He questioned me.

His beautiful, dark brown eye's trained on mine as our lips met. I pushed him away slightly not wanting to, but knowing the consequences for having a half naked werewolf in my room.

 "Jake, my mum is in the other room, hello she can smell you, can't you at least bring a shirt?" I looked at him, a smirk spreading across my face. I couldn't be serious around him.

 "It's not that bad Ness, besides your mum loves me," he smirked. His hand touched my cheek, just as I heard my mum in the other room swiftly head towards us. I grabbed Jake's arm, I was pretty strong I might add and turned towards the door.

 "Jacob can I ask why you are in my daughters room half naked?" Mum stood in the doorway, waiting for an answer.

"Can't I come visit Bella? I use to climb into your window. I can't come in through the front your house is to small," he noted. Every time he had come in through the front he would hit his head on the ceiling. Although my room had a low ceiling to, it was a little easier for him.

"You two aren't up to anything are you?" She looked at me then Jake, seconds later my father appeared at her side. He had a serious look on his face. His hair was light and stiff looking like always. His skin pale, and his eye's were as golden as mum's, except right now they were pretty black, he must have known Jake was around.

 "Bella what's going on?" He asked.

"Edward," Jake nodded trying to be respectful. 

"Jacob…" He looked at him then me and continued. "Nessie, Alice wants to see you, she's been waiting for you I suggest you go."

I looked at them, then at Jake. I could see him concentrating, he had to make sure he controlled his thoughts around my father. He always kept tabs on Jake. Luckily Alice can't see Jake or me in her visions, so we were in the clear. For now.

 "Right I'm sorry, I'll see you later Jake," I turned to him as he smiled.

"Nessie you know that you need your sleep. Afterwards please come straight back here and get ready for bed," dad said staring at Jake with piercing eyes.

 "Why can't I be like you guys and not sleep? Sorry Jake, I guess I will see you tomorrow," I sighed and grabbed jacket.

I reached the house in no time at all. The glass windows shone in the very dim light as the rain drops poured down. Alice was waiting for me on the front step, her arms crossed. She was so tiny yet looked so irritated. She had short spiky hair, and was very petite. She reminded me of a pixie.

"Hi, Alice, sorry to keep you waiting," I said as I got up the steps. I saw Jasper in the glass door behind her. His hair stiff and crazy almost like dad's, his eyes black and his face as pale as everyone else. He opened the door for us and smiled down at me.

 "It's ok, let's go try on some clothes," she said taking the serious look off of her face. I went up to her room, she had a closet ten times as big as mum's. I looked out of the window, just below Jake sat in wolf form watching me. Alice cleared her throat, I turned my attention back to her.

"How's this?" She asked looking out the window. I looked at the outfit; a black and white polka dot dress. In her other hand she had a black short sweater to go over it. She then grabbed a pair of black knee high boots and put them on the floor.

"Alice your amazing," I told her looking at the outfit. My attention drifted back to Jake. I watched as the rain outside beat down on his fur.

 "Alright sit." She demanded.

She pointed towards the sofa that I was standing next to. Her room was a rectangular shape, one side of the room was one giant window, while the other side was a normal wall, where her closet was. I kept my focus on the rain falling from the sky, then I felt her sit down next to me.

"What's with Jake, why do you keep looking at him? I know something's up Nessie I can sense it. I can't see it but I feel something is up." She looked at me and ran her hand through my long wavy hair.

I took a gulp and looked down. I sighed, and placed my hands on her cheeks. An ability I have had since birth.

He was waiting for me deep in the woods up against the river that divided the land. We had just returned home from back east. He was in his wolf form drinking the water. His head turned, he knew I was there. After seeing me he ran off and returned again in jean shorts and nothing else. I jumped as he grabbed my waist turning me to see him. We sat against the flowing water and had the usual conversation. Nothing major. It happened so quick, one thing led to another and his lips were set on mine. I backed away slowly at first before allowing him to continue. He smiled, grabbed my face and I leaned in towards him. I had never felt anything so strong in all of my life.

I slowly removed my hands from her cheek. I put my head in my hands and waited for her response.

"Nessie," her small arms wrapped around me.

"I'm sorry Alice, I know how mad my parents will be. You can't tell mum or dad you have to keep your thoughts to yourself, please."

I was now looking at her, my arms on her shoulders pleadingly. My father was able to read her mind, and it scared me now that I showed her the whole thing. I showed her that I was in love with him. With Jacob Black.

"Wow, I um.. they are going to find out sooner or later." She wasn't sure what to say.

"Please, I'm not ready. Please don't I beg of you please dad will kill Jake if he knows." I said trying to convince her

Although I was now immortal, I still had every type of mortal ability. I let a few tears run down my cheeks. I heard Jake cry below me, he always knew when I was upset.

"I promise I will keep this a secret for now. I can't say how long it will hold, but I will try. You have to tell them eventually promise me you will." She said, looking me in the eye.

"I will I am just not ready." I promised.

I looked at her and I knew she would't tell anyone. I knew that they had expected it, but Jake had told them it was different with us.

"Go get some rest tomorrow is a big day for you. I will have the clothes here laid out for you on my sofa," she said with a smile.

 "Thank you Alice, you're the best," I hugged her and pulled away.

We weren't that far up, so I opened up one of her windows and jumped out, landing near Jake. I ran away from my house and into the darkness. I heard him panting behind me. By the time I stopped his bare chest was pressed against me, holding me in a bear tight hug. He kissed my head and I looked up at him.

 "I showed her everything Jake," he looked at me, and wiped some of the tears falling from my eyes.

 "I trust her to keep this secret safe for a while. It's not a good time to tell them it's just not." I said.

"I trust her to, but soon Nessie. I just can't keep it from them much longer. Your dad will have my head." I let out a slight laugh, and looked up at him. He leaned down and kissed me. First my lips, my neck, then back up to my lips.

 "NESSIE WHERE ARE YOU?" My dad called. His voice seemed worried and a little annoyed.

 "I guess I'll see you tomorrow?" He looked down.

 "I'll be outside your window all night," he promised.

 "You don't have to its raining," I noted my hair was now saturated.

 "I want to," he told me. I smiled until I heard my father's voice again.

 "NESSIE SWEETIE WHERE ARE YOU," he sounded more concerned this time.

I let go of Jake and ran towards my father's voice. It didn't take long for me to run into him. I plowed into him and gave him a hug.

"Nessie you're all wet. What were you doing outside I thought you were with Alice I'm going to kill..."

"No need for violence dad. I'm fine really," I reassured him. He hugged me tight, and then turned me so that we could head to the house.

 "You smell like dog," he looked down at me.

 "Jake wanted to say goodnight." I said trying to sound convincing.

"In the rain, doesn't that dog have any courtesy?" He questioned taking me under his arm, as we ran to the cottage. We opened the door, and tried to sneak in quietly so my mum wouldn't see me soaking wet.

"Edward is that, Nessie?" She ran to my side as dad let go of me. I looked at her as she touched my hair and sniffed it.

 "You were with Jacob when you were supposed to be with Alice?" She questioned.

 "Mum," I almost yelled. I had to cut everyone off tonight didn't I? "I saw Alice, Jake was just saying goodnight, and so am I. I need to dry up and get ready for school." 

 "Your right goodnight." She kissed my forehead.

 "We love you Ness, we just worry," he told me. I looked at the two of them.

 "I'm fine. Just nervous for tomorrow, night," I told them.

I quickly vanished into my room closing the door behind me. After putting on some dry sweats and a black t-shirt I fell on my bed. I heard a small tap on my window. I picked my head up and looked over to see Jake. I smiled and walked toward the window. Then opened it a bit ,but not enough to let the rain through.

 "Goodnight Jake," I said petting him. As I tried to stand back up he licked my face.

"Ugh, dog breath you're gross do you know that?" I questioned him. He just smirked, and made a whining sound.

 "Night," I told him.

I saw his cute grin underneath all that fur and shut the window I watched as he curled up into a ball outside my window. I went back to my bed and tucked myself in and fell fast asleep, tomorrow would be a big day.

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