1D mania

Simona and her friends go to a 1D concert. And Harry gives her a special gift. Simona and Harry always hang out together. They go to school together, they have the exact same classes, and more. Until one day everything turned the wrong way


1. meeting the guys

Simona's P.O.V

"that's what makes you beautiful!" everyone shouted. it was so loud! I couldn't even here myself think. "thank you all for coming!" Harry announced. Me, Rachel and Olivia were the first ones out so we could go back stage to see then band. we decided to say hi to Niall first. "oh my jumping jellybeans its Niall!" Rachel and Olivia shouted, bursting mine and Niall's ear drums. "can I please have an autograph?" Rachel said excitedly. Rachel and Olivia handed their notebook to Niall. While he was signing their notebooks he whispered into my ear. "so your the calm one. I like it." we both laughed. "hey guys I'm going to say hi to Louis" I said. I started walking towards Louis when someone tapped me on my shoulder. "hi" it was Harry. I was smiling so much my mouth was hurting. "um hi. I'm Simona" I said still smiling. "what a beautiful name." he said looking straight into my eyes and winked. We chatted a bit more then he gave me something. "open when you get home." he said. It was a piece of paper with a red ribbon and heart stickers. "thanks" I started walking away to get Rachel and Olivia when I turned around, harry still looking at me, then he winked again. "come on guys we have to go." I said dragging them out of the building.

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