I hate you but i love you

I'm Emily, just a normal teenage 16 year old girl. I got long brown wavy hair and green eyes. Nothing special actually. At my school there is only a hot guy Harry. Harry Styles. But he's too perfect for me to get. Every girl in my school wants a guy like Harry. He's just perfect with his dark brown curls and sparkly green eyes oh and that smile that makes his dimples pop out. He'll never notice me but what if we start come closer and closer?


1. Hottest than ever

I woke up this morning to the annoying sound of my alarm clock. I pressed snooze and got out of bed. I made my way to the bathroom and i turned the water on. Took off my clothes and pulled my long brown hair to a messy bun so they don't get wet. When i made sure that the water was at the right temperature i hopped in and took a quick shower. When i was done i dried myself I changed to these: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=95164150 . I grabbed my i pod, phone and bag and went downstairs. I was home alone as always. My mum is always away because of business trips the most of the time. But if she's not away it only lasts for a couple of days and off she goes again. I am used to be alone. I took a glass of orange juice and started walking to school. I put my headphones in my ears and now i was in my own world. I was walking at the rhythm of my i pod  when i got to school i went at my locker and a few lockers next to mine there he was standing there hottest than ever. He turned and smiled at me and then he winked at me and just walked away. I could feel the blood boiling in my cheeks. I looked at the ground so he couldn't see me blushing. The bell rang and it was time for my first class History Urghhh.

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